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Produce department

The Freshest Fruits and Vegetables, Everyday!

From what's in season to your everyday favorites, Food Lion brings you only the best. The crispest apples, the ripest bananas and the brightest berries. We work hard to ensure that our produce is inspected carefully and rotated regularly delivering the freshest produce to your home.

What's In-Season?


Apricots are available for a short period of time. These fruits tend to have yellow to orange skin and develop a red tint on the side exposed to the sun. The skin can be smooth or velvety to the touch and covers a firm dense flesh that is sweet and tart.


Pluots are a cross between apricots and plums. They tend to prefer their plum parents and share a lot of their characteristics. They vary from orange skin to green tints to dark black hues. Their flesh can be orange, yellow, red and pink. The one constant is flavor, always delicious and sweet.


Plums are all uniquely delicious. They have a firm, slightly tart skin with a juicy, sweet flesh. Plums are thought by some to be the newest super food because of their abundance of antioxidants. Some plums have an amber interior, while other plums have a deep red interior. The outside of a plum can range in color from a speckled red to smooth almost black.

White Peaches

White Peaches are refreshing and sweet with a mellower flavor than yellow peaches. They are distinguishable by their pinkish red tint and creamy background color. The flesh is white and can contain traces of red close to the pit. Pair a white peach with vanilla ice cream!

Yellow Peaches

Yellow Peaches, sweet flavor with a fuzzy skin that ranges in color from light orange to deep red. Yellow peaches may look slightly different week after week because over 80 varieties of yellow peaches will be shipped to Food Lion between May and September. Yellow peaches are naturally fat free. Try grilling your yellow peaches at your next cookout.

Yellow Nectarines

Yellow Nectarines have a smooth skin and are sweet and tangy. The skin is a deep orange to dark red and the flesh is yellowish orange. As they ripen they get juicier and sweeter. They contain vitamin A & C, Fiber and antioxidants. These flavorful fruits can be left at room temperature if you enjoy them a little on the softer side.

White Nectarines

White Nectarines are less tangy than yellow nectarines, but are as sweet. The skin is light pink or deep maroon, while the flesh is bright white with traces of pink near the pit. They are naturally fat free. Next time you feel the urge to bake, try a nectarine tart.


Red Seedless Watermelons contain very few seeds which are small, immature and edible. Seedless Watermelons are a refreshing salad ingredient & may be used to make drinks.


Also called muskmelon, netted melon. Cantaloupe is prized for its sweetness and ease of selection. The best cantaloupes have rough yellow skins with a raised netting pattern and a distinct sweet fragrance coming from the slightly dented blossom end of the melon. The interior flesh should be bright orange with an abundance of cream-colored seeds.


Strawberries are very succulent fruit that is bright red in color, and loved for its juicy texture and sweetness.

Featured Recipe

Watermelon Star Cake


  • 1 watermelon oblong and seedless
  • 16 ounces whipped cream or light frosting
  • 8 ounces blueberries
  • 8 ounces strawberries
  • 1 dash powdered sugar

  1. Wash the watermelon and pat dry. Cut a three-inch thick slice from the center of an oblong, seedless watermelon. Place flat on a cutting board and use an oversized star-shaped cookie cutter (or sharp kitchen knife) to cut a star shape. Set on paper towel to drain excess water.
  2. Place on a serving dish or cake stand.
  3. Pipe whipped cream or a light frosting between the bottom edge of the star and the plate. Dot with blueberries.
  4. Frost the cake with topping and arrange blueberries and cut strawberries on top. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve.


Hints to help you enjoy
Mother Nature's seasonal fruits and vegetables.



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