Chemical Commitment Policy

Chemical Commitment

Sustainable Chemistry Commitment

Sustainable chemistry is a complex and advancing topic. We understand there are many challenges associated with layers of transparency and disclosure throughout the supply chain. Science is continually evolving both in terms of understanding risks as well as alternatives. This commitment outlines our intentions to encourage greater advances and collaboration in the best interest of our customers.

Food Lion aims to continuously advance the sustainability of our products.  Our Sustainable Chemistry Commitment is one way in which we do this, working with our suppliers across our own branded grocery, baby food, and infant formula, and formulated laundry, home and personal care, cosmetic, and baby products to meet requirements beyond U.S. laws and regulations.

Food Lion will focus its efforts in three areas:

Restrict Intentional Use of chemicals of concern being added to our products and food packaging, replacing them with more sustainable substitutes.

  1. We are working with our suppliers to no longer use the materials on our Chemicals of High Priority List (CoHP) and to replace them with more sustainable substitutes.
  2. We are monitoring emerging information and will update our CoHP on a regular basis.

Verify that our Chemicals of High Priority are removed.

  1. We are expanding supplier product testing requirements, beginning in 2020, to confirm that priority products meet our restrictions and limits beyond U.S. laws for potential contaminants of concern.
  2. In high-risk commodities, We use credible certification programs for coffee, tea, and cocoa products, including Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, Fair Trade, or organic programs. These third-party certifications assure that environmental and social requirements are met, including that pesticides are used responsibly.

Collaborate with industry and other stakeholders to address root causes for potential contaminants of concern and to increase greener and more transparent chemistry.

  1. We work with stakeholders that share a mission to advance the possibilities of greener chemistry.
  2. We are expanding the ingredient information provided to consumers, beyond what is required by law, to support their selection of transparent brands and products.

We strive to share progress on this policy so that our customers have the assurance that they can select our products with confidence. Beginning in 2020, Food Lion will participate in The Chemical Footprint Project. By aggregating data and publicy reporting, we will benchmark ourselves and our annual progress.