At Food Lion a healthy and sustainable community is
at the heart of all we do.

That’s why we offer solutions, like our reusable bags, that benefit the environment.

With fresh designs, it is easy and affordable to do your part in reducing the impact of plastic on the environment, while enjoying the value of reusable bags.

Some Advantages of reusable bags

  • They reduce the impact of plastic on the environment.
  • They carry more weight than plastic bags. A plastic bag holds 10lbs of grocery. A medium reusable bag holds 28lbs of grocery.
  • You can use your reusable bag for years and never throw it away. When they get dirty, it is simple to hand wash.
  • Quicker bagging and no torn plastic bags. They hold their shape better and they resist tears or splits, making them easier to pack and use.
  • Simple to carry. They have a comfortable, cloth handle that make it much easier on your hands.
  • Great for carrying more than just groceries: Use them for carrying books, picnic lunches, beach/pool supplies, laundry, candy for trick-or-treating, or even as gift bags.
  • On average, if one household brought 1 reusable bag per shopping trip it would eliminate over 120 bags per year.
  • If every household used 1 reusable bag per trip we could eliminate 1.1 billion plastic bags every year!

Our Reusable bags

Standard Bag

Standard Bag

Size: 14” x 14.5” x 8.5”

A tote-ally awesome way to do your part
to preserve the environment.

Reusable, freshly designed, foldable standard bag for your everyday shopping needs.

Collapsible Box

Collapsible Box

Size: 11” x 14” x 10”

Loading up on savings at Food Lion is a breeze.

Heavy duty, reusable collapsible boxes with handles for the most demanding shopping trips. They stand up straight from the cart to the car but they fold flat for easy storage.


Wine Bag

Wine Bag*

Size: 11” x 10.5” x 7”

Cheers to saving mother earth!

Reusable, foldable bag for the wine customer. Safely carry 6 bottles of wine in varying shapes and sizes in 6 individual compartments.

*Not available in all stores


Thermal Bag

Thermal Bag

Thermal Bag

Size: 13.5” x 11.5” x 10”

Chill out – we’ve got this sustainability thing in the bag.

Reusable insulated hot/cold thermal zipper closure bag for refrigerated or hot food items.


TIP: Also use the Collapsible box to store the rest of your reusable bags in your trunk

Find the display near the front of the store and get Eco-Friendly "in the bag." 

To learn more about our brand’s efforts to reduce plastic packaging and single-use plastics, click here.