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Food Lion/Delhaize America provides equal employment opportunities to all associates and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, gender identity or gender expression.  

If you are granted the opportunity to do business with Food Lion/Delhaize America, we will expect that you interact and treat our associates with the same level of protection set forth above in our equal employment opportunity statement.


We take the concept of diversity seriously at Food Lion. Without it, we couldn't stock our shelves everyday with the wide variety of products that keeps our diverse world of customers satisfied. Nor would we be able to keep our prices extra low.

We seek out the best suppliers to do business with companies that can meet our requirements and whose products and services meet the needs of our customers. We are fully committed to doing business with minority- and women-owned companies.

If you're interested in working with us, please take a few minutes and read this information. It answers questions you may have about the types of vendor support we're looking for, how to introduce your company to us and what it takes to do business with Food Lion.

An excerpt from Food Lion's Supplier Diversity Corporate Policy:

"Food Lion, LLC recognizes the importance of supplier diversity. If the company is to continue to grow in an increasingly diverse marketplace, we must encourage and support the growth and development of minority- and women-owned businesses. We believe that the health of both our company and our society depends on enabling all members of our society to share in the nation's economic growth. Our goal is to develop an increasing number of qualified minority- and women-owned suppliers capable of doing business with Food Lion. We believe this goal supports the company's policy of providing its customers with quality products at low prices.”


Food Lion, Inc. is one of the nation's largest and fastest-growing supermarket chains, delivering quality products and services to more than ten million customers a week. We operate over 1,100 stores in 11 Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states.

Food Lion's mission is to ensure that we remain the low price leader in the supermarket industry without compromising quality or customer satisfaction.


Our Supplier Diversity Program is a key part of a corporate initiative to build and support an associate and vendor base that reflects the diversity of our customers. Specifically, the goals of our Supplier Diversity Program are to:

•  Increase opportunities for minorities and women to join our vendor base by ensuring them an equal opportunity to provide products and services.

•  Develop suppliers with whom we can build long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial.


Companies must be at least 51 percent owned, operated and managed by minority group members or women and certified by an authorized third party organization. The owners must be involved in operations that demonstrate ownership and control.

In corporations, the minority or women must hold at least 51 percent of the voting interest and 51 percent of the beneficial interest. The controlling parties must be citizens or lawful permanent residents of the United States.

Food Lion recognizes the following groups as eligible to do business through our Supplier Diversity Program:

•  African American

•  Hispanic American

•  Asian American

•  Pacific Islander

•  Native American (American Indian, Eskimo, Aleut)

•  Female



Unfortunately, we can't do business with every company that approaches us. We evaluate every business, whether mainstream, minority- or woman-owned, on the basis of rigid standards of excellence and ability to meet our requirements. Specifically, Food Lion is seeking suppliers whose products and services:

•  Add value to our retail business

•  Reflect the highest quality possible

•  Include retail coverage (a sales force to cover stores to ensure sets and handle damages)

•  Are competitively priced

•  Meet our insurance requirements

•  Display Universal Product Codes (UPCs)

•  Can provide on-time deliveries

•  Possess a strong market presence

•  Meet inventory and shipping requirements

•  Can adhere to Food Lion's service and management standards

•  Are backed by innovative and strategic marketing support

•  Can provide samples for Food Lion's quality control testing

Suppliers must also meet the following insurance requirements:

•  Product Guarantee and Indemnification Agreement

•  Current Product Liability Certificate of Insurance

•  Food Lion, Inc. named as additional insured

•  A minimum of $1 million limit of liability

•  Policy number and current expiration date must be denoted



1. Complete the Supplier Classification Profile.

2. Mail an introductory package about your company to our Diversity Department, which coordinates and implements our Supplier Diversity Program. Your package should include:

•  A letter of introduction describing your company and its products and/or services

•  A company brochure and business card

•  Answers to the questions listed under What We Need to Know, based on the type of product or service you offer

•  A copy of your Minority Supplier certification

If you are not certified, contact the National Minority Supplier Development Council, your state Minority Supplier Development Council or any other recognized certification authority for information.

3. Mail your package to: Food Lion LLC, Diversity Department, 2110 Executive Drive, Salisbury, NC 28144.

After reviewing your package, the Diversity Department will refer your company to the appropriate department. If there is a need for your products or services, we will schedule an appointment or request additional information. Otherwise, we will keep your information on file and contact you when the need arises.



Your introductory package and subsequent presentations will need to address certain points, based on the type of product or service you offer. There are three categories: Resale Suppliers, Construction Companies and Other Companies.

Resale Suppliers

•  Product Description

Briefly describe your product. Are there any unique characteristics that differentiate your product from competitive brands?

•  Competition

What is your reference brand? Is your product comparable to any existing brand? Include your cost and recommended retail and compare this to your main competitor's.

•  Consumer Profile

What are the characteristics of your target audience? Include demographic profiles.

•  Marketing

How do you plan to promote your product? Will you have quarterly promotions, advertising, consumer events? Where should your product be located in the store?

•  Distribution

How will your product be delivered to the store? Will it be directly delivered to the store or to one of our distribution centers?

•  Performance Reviews

How will you monitor your product's performance? What are your sales expectations? How will you evaluate the success of your product?

Construction Companies

•  Are you a large general contractor who constructs buildings or a smaller maintenance general contractor?

•  If you are a large general contractor, please attach and return an AIA form.

•  If you are a small contractor, please submit a list of references.

Other Companies

•  If you do not fit either of the above categories, submit a company resume listing the services you provide.

• Submit a list of customer and financial references.




Resale Commodities

Auto Products




Canned Food




Electrical Supplies




Frozen Foods

Fresh Bakery Products

Prepared Food Products

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Seasonal Items

Health and Beauty Products


Any Products Commonly Found In A Grocery Store




Printing Supplies

Banking/Depository Services

Protective Clothing for Cold Storage

Building Maintenance Services

General Contracting

Display Units and Stands


Safety Equipment

Security Services and Equipment



Moving Services

Management Consulting Services

Temporary Employement Services

Office Supplies

Industrial Supplies & Equipment

Office Furniture

Information Technology Services

Plastic and Paper Bags



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