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5 Benefits of Using Manufacturer Coupons

Who doesn't like discounted prices or two-for-one deals? You'd be surprised how fast grocery coupons can add up and save you money. Does "extreme couponing" ring any bells? Well, using Food Lion's digital coupons opens up a wide variety of discounted products and items — especially if you sign up for our MVP Program. At any given time, you can find deals on cereal, toothpaste, batteries, razors and much more!

In case you're new to couponing, we've put together a list of the top five benefits of redeeming manufacturer coupons.

1. Grocery Coupons Encourage You to Try New Foods and Products

Instead of paying full price when trying a new food or product, take advantage of current coupons. This way, you won't have to pay extra while you're experimenting with new items. If you end up loving a new kind of food that's also a great deal, you can always stock up on more!

If you're feeling curious about trying new things, keep an eye out for coupons that spark your interest. You can also visit our website to view all of our current digital coupons!

2. You Can Plan Out Certain Purchases

By playing detective, you can figure out which foods go on quarterly sales. Once you've identified the patterns of manufacturer coupons, you can purchase higher quantities of foods at more deeply discounted prices. These kinds of sales are especially popular for boxed and canned foods with longer shelf lives. If you time it right, you may never have to buy these products at full price ever again!

3. Manufacturer Coupons Are an Excuse to Treat Yourself

By using special grocery coupons, you can add an element of surprise to your family's routine meal plan. Switching to on-sale foods might just provide the perfect opportunity for you or your family to indulge in a special treat!

4. Track Your Savings and Celebrate Big Wins

By keeping track of your grocery coupons, you can record how much money you save. This process may seem a bit intimidating at first, but once you get in the rhythm of coupon tracking, you'll be able to see just how smart you're shopping. You may be shocked at how much you save when you compare the coupon price of a particular good to its regular price. Keeping a record also gives you an excuse to celebrate! Scoring an excellent deal on your favorite items is a reason to get excited!

5. Digital Coupons Help You Stock Up on Emergency Items

Sometimes, coupons for emergency items that are typically on the more expensive side will become available. Let's say your favorite kind of bread is out of stock. If you're able to redeem a coupon for a new kind of bread, it might end up costing the same as your go-to bread with a manufacturer coupon! You can also think about items such as razors, toothbrushes and detergents! These items are constantly going on sale.

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