What's the difference between a Food Lion gift card and a Food Lion eGift card?

Food Lion gift cards are physical cards that can be purchased at any Food Lion store or online by visiting  www.foodlion.com/departments/gift-center or over the phone by calling (800) 811-1748.  Food Lion eGift cards can only be purchased online at www.foodlion.com/departments/gift-center or by calling (800) 811-1748. eGift cards do not need to be printed to be valid and can be scanned from your mobile device at checkout.  eGift cards are not only environmentally friendly , but make great last minute gifts.

Are Food Lion Gift Cards sold in specific denominations?

Food Lion gift cards can be purchased and or reloaded in any denomination from $5.00 to $500.00 per card.

Do gift cards expire or have any fees?

No, Food Lion's gift cards and eGift cards do not expire nor do they carry any fees.

Are there any fees associated with purchasing an eGift Card or a physical gift card?

There are no delivery or handling charges for standard shipping.  You will only pay for the face value of the eGift card or physical gift card that you purchase.

Can I change the value of my gift card purchase or cancel the transaction?

We're sorry but all gift card transactions are final. If you want to increase the gift card value or reload your card, an additional transaction with be processed for you.

How long does it take for an eGift Card to reach the recipient?

All gift cards purchased are subject to credit card and security processing. This typically occurs within 20 minutes however it could take up to 24 hours. If cards are not received within 24 hours please contact our Gift Card Team at (800) 811-1748.

How can I purchase a Food Lion gift card?

In-store: Food Lion gift cards can be purchased at any Food Lion store.

Phone: Contact the Food Lion Gift Card Team at (800) 811-1748 to purchase or reload gift cards. Our Gift Card Sales Department is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (ET)

Online: Our gift card page allows you to buy or reload Food Lion gift cards and eGift cards. Choose from a variety of designs.  Standard shipping is free.

Am I restricted to using my Food Lion Gift Card only at the location of purchase?

No. Food Lion gift cards can be purchased at any Food Lion store. 

Are there any restrictions on what I can purchase with my Food Lion Gift Card?

You may purchase any merchandise except Money Orders, Money Transfer Services, pay Utility Bills, lottery tickets, other gift cards or pay for Returned Checks.

How will I know that the recipient opened their eGift Card?

You will receive an email notification when the recipient opens the email containing their eGift card.

What happens when all the card value is used? Should I throw the card away?

As long as there are funds on the card it can be used as often as you like. Additional funds can be added to your account up to $500 by calling the Food Lion Gift Card Team at (800) 811-1748, or online at  www.foodlion.com/departments/gift-center.

Can I receive cash back on funds I have placed in my Food Lion Gift Card?

Food Lion Gift Cards may be redeemed for merchandise only and may not be redeemed for cash, unless required by law.

Are there any discounts or other incentives offered with the purchase or use of the Food Lion Gift Card?

A discount of 5% is available for non-profit organizations for purchases of $500 or more.  Please call the Gift Card Team at (800) 811-1748 for more information.

I recently purchased and sent an eGift Card but it has not arrived. What should I do?

Occasionally eGift Cards are intercepted by spam filters; please check with the recipient to see if their gift card is in their spam or junk folders. It is also possible that the email address was incorrectly entered at the time of purchase; please check the email address you entered for the recipient. 

You can also resend the gift card by entering the email address and confirmation number associated with the gift card, then selecting the "Track" button. Once the gift card appears, select the "Send" button.   Enter the appropriate email address and select "Submit." The gift card has now been resent.  For additional support, please call (800) 811-1748.

Can I schedule an eGift Card to be delivered at a future date and time?

Yes. eGift Cards can be delivered immediately (subject to credit card and security processing time) or at any future date and time.

I own a business and I would like to purchase bulk Food Lion Gift cards for my customers and employees. Are bulk gift card orders available?

Bulk purchases are handled by our Gift Card Team, (800) 811-1748. Hours of operation- M-F 8:00 AM-5:00 PM EST, and can also be ordered online at www.foodlion.com/departments/gift-center.

How do I use my eGift Card?

Once you have received your email notification, you can view your eGift Card by clicking the "Activate your eGift card".   Either print your gift card certificate or display the certificate at checkout on your mobile device.  You will also need to enter your PIN code at checkout that is provided on the gift card certificate.

Can I use a card internationally?

Food Lion's gift cards are only valid at Food Lion stores.

The recipient never received my eGift Card. How can I resend it?

To resend your eGift Card, enter your email address and confirmation number, then select the "Track" button. Once your gift card appears, select the "Send" button. Enter the appropriate email address and select "Submit." Your gift card has now been resent.

I sent my eGift Card to the wrong email address / mobile phone number. Can I send it to a different email address / mobile phone number?

To resend your gift card, enter your email address and confirmation number  and then select the "Track" button. Once the gift card appears, select the "Send" button. Enter the appropriate email address and select "Submit." The gift card has now been resent.

Where is my plastic gift card order?

Online gift card orders for plastic cards received within 2 business days of receipt. Our basic shipping method is regular mail and we allow 7 business days for arrival before reissuing an order. 

I didn't want to send an eGift Card, I wanted to send a plastic one. How can I send a plastic gift card?

Unfortunately, we are unable to convert an eGift Card to a plastic one. The eGift Card can be sent to you for printing and forwarding, the same way you would forward a plastic card. Remember that eGift Cards can be personalized with audio and images. 

I am having problems recording an audio message. What should I do?

Please ensure that Adobe Flash is downloaded and installed on your computer and that you have access to your microphone. To ensure Adobe has permission to access your microphone, simply select the "Play" button and follow the instructions, which will allow you to record your personal audio message.

I am having trouble viewing my gift card email. How can I access it?

Some email systems and browsers are set to block images and pop-ups which can prevent a recipient from receiving their eGift Card. Please click on the "via web browser" link which is located in the upper right hand corner of the email. Also, check to ensure the pop-up blocker is temporarily disabled.

I accidently deleted my eGift Card before I could use it. How do I request a replacement?

The purchaser of the gift card has the ability to resend your gift card using their confirmation number and email address. Please contact the purchaser and have them resend the gift card. If you are the purchaser of the gift card, please contact our Gift Card Team for assistance at (800) 811-1748. 

I lost my eGift Card print out. How do I request a replacement?

If you misplaced your eGift Card, click on the link in the original email to access it. If you no longer have the original email, please contact the purchaser of the gift card and have them resend it to you.

What should I do if my gift card is lost or stolen?

We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen cards, however, if you have proof of purchase contact the Gift Card Team at (800) 811-1748. If we find your gift card has not been redeemed, or has some remaining value, we can cancel the original and issue you a new gift card for that value. 

How often do I change the water in my flowers?

Every other Day and trim the stems to have beautiful flowers that last!

What do I do with the preservative packet that comes with my flowers?

Open it and add it to the water, mixing well. This will keep the fresh!

Why is it important to cut the stems?

Giving the stems a fresh cut will allow the water to absorb up the stem.

Why do some flowers color the water?

If you buy flowers that are stems-dyed it will turn the water colored.

Where should I not display my flowers to make them last longer?

Not in direct sunlight, a hot area or near an air vent.

When are fruit baskets available?

All year long.

Can I pre-order them?

Yes and the store will have it ready to pick up on your requested date.

If I receive a fruit basket should I leave the cellophane on it until I am ready to eat the fruit.

No, this will cause the fruit to be repined too quickly as well as turn the bananas black.

Why should I purchase a fruit basket?

For any occasion!  

What is the lowest price fruit basket that I can order?

Our prices are as low as $9.99 up to $37.99.

How many types of fruit baskets do you have?

We have eight different baskets to choose from with many different looks to satisfy anyone!

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