What is the benefit of purchasing Food Lion store brand pet food?

With Companion, you know you are providing the nutrition and quality of national leading brands at much lower prices.  Good for them and you.  So, with the money back guarantee, give our brand a try and surround yourself with happy furry friends.

Where can I find out some good pet tips.

We are delighted to host a user generated forum called "Fresh ideas".  On the Fresh ideas page you will find a host of  cleaning tips, recipes, pet tips and more.  Click here to visit the page.

I purchased your store brand pet food and my pet won't eat it. Can I return the item?

Food Lion has a double your money back on all Food Lion brand products. If any product you purchased does not meet your expectations, please return the item to the place of purchase and receive double your money back.

Do you carry pet supplies?

In addition to food and treat for your furry friends, Food Lion does stock other pet necessities to ensure your furry friends are happy. 

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