What does Sustainable Seafood mean?

Sustainable seafood is seafood that is either caught or farmed in ways that consider the long-term vitality of harvested species and the well-being of the oceans.

What is Food Lion's sustainable seafood commitment?

As of March, 31, 2012, Food Lion has committed to sourcing all of the seafood it sells from sustainably harvested fisheries and farms. This commitment helps to ensure that seafood will be available for future generations and that its production has minimal impact on the environment.  For more detailed information regarding this commitment, refer to our Sustainable Seafood Policy.

Does Food Lion ban certain species?

Food Lion recognizes that there are fisheries and farms that are managed well, and others that are not. To encourage the producers that act responsibly, Food Lion does not ban an entire species due to problems in some areas. Instead, we work with our suppliers to find sources that comply with criteria around sustainable practices and traceability. If such sources are not found, then Food Lion will not sell that product.

How can I tell which products meet Food Lion's sustainability criteria?

All food products at the seafood counter, in the center of the store (e.g., canned fish), and in the frozen section meet the criteria outlined in our policy.

How does Food Lion know whether the seafood it sells complies with its policy? 

Food Lion requires full traceability of all the seafood it sells to ensure we know how it was harvested. Additionally, we are working with the Gulf of Maine Research Institute to verify that the fisheries that supply our seafood are responsibly managed. For farmed products, we require certification by The Global Aquaculture Alliance's Aquaculture Certification Council.

How does this commitment compare to other retailers?

Food Lion's sustainable seafood policy covers the widest range of products among major U.S. grocery companies with approximately 2,500 sold in our fresh, frozen, and grocery departments in compliance with our policy.

Where can I go with more detailed questions?

We greatly appreciate comments and questions. Simply Ask the Expert to begin talking with us about sustainable seafood.

What makes Seafood a “good for you” food?

Seafood is a rich source of protein that is naturally low in fat and calories. Lean fish muscle has the same amount of protein by weight as beef or poultry, but with far fewer calories. Seafood is also a great natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids.  Seafood contains all nine essential amino acids our bodies must get from food to be healthy. 

What does “Farm Raised” mean vs “Wild Caught”?

Wild Caught means that the seafood was harvested from its natural environment.  Farm Raised means that the seafood was raised in a confined area, such as a pond, netted areas of the; ocean, inlet sound or river. Farm Raised species include some of the most popular and best sellers, such as; Shrimp, Salmon, Tilapia, and Catfish. 

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