Food Lion's associates truly care about making your shopping experience easy, fresh and affordable. We want Food Lion to be your grocery store of choice, every day. If you have a concern, please bring it to the attention of an associate, who will know what to do and do their part to assist you.



Food Lion makes shopping easy and convenient for you, our customer (and associates), by accepting your personal or payroll checks for payment using the following guidelines: 

Personal Checks:

We use third party electronic check acceptance services that allow us to do our part to help keep your information secure and less susceptible to fraudulent activity. 

Our third party electronic check acceptance service captures the information obtained from the scan of your check micro line, compares it to information in the database, and either accepts or declines your check.  The database includes your account history with us and other retailers who use the same service. 

If you have one or more unpaid checks or fees with our third party check acceptance service, your check may be declined.  In addition, if your account has been compromised without you knowing, as a safe guard for you, your check may be declined.  

In the event that your check is refused, contact information will be provided for you to call the third party service for additional detail.   

Your personal checks will electronically clear your bank account (like a debit card) within three (3) business days

There are instances that our third party check acceptance service may instruct the cashier to hold the item as paper.  When this happens, the check will be kept and deposited and not handled electronically. 

Payroll Checks:

Our Payroll checks are also managed through a third party check acceptance service.


Each store is required to post their state’s check cashing policy which will contain applicable check cashing and returned check fees. 

Acceptable Forms of Identification (ID)

All forms of Identification must be in date.

  • United State issued  or United States Territory Driver’s License or ID
  • United States or United States Territory Military ID
  • Native American Tribal Photo ID
  • US Passport (Payroll check only.  NA for personal checks)

Personal Checks

  • Accepted for up to $50.00 over the amount of purchase

Payroll Checks

  • Accepted or cashed for up to $1,000.00, per check
  • No handwritten payroll checks
  • Issuer’s signature must be handwritten, stamped, or a computer printed copy of a signature.  It cannot be a ‘font’ from a computer
  • Must contain a valid date


Additional Checks Accepted

  • Rebate checks
  • Government or State Issued Tax Refund Checks, up to $1,000.00, with proper required Identification
  • United States Traveler’s Checks up to $499.99


Food Lion will not accept the following checks:

  • Two Party Checks
  • Payroll Checks over $1,000.00
  • Foreign Traveler’s Checks
  • Money Orders
  • Checks presented by a juvenile without proper issued identification
  • Handwritten Payroll Checks
  • Insurance Drafts
  • Counter Checks
  • Altered Checks
  • Checks written in pencil
  • Rapid Refund Tax Checks
  • Credit Card Checks
  • Checks requiring a phone call for authorization


Check Cashing and Returned Check Fees Vary by State.  Each store will have applicable fees posted for their customers to see.



Food Lion understands the importance of extra savings. We will do our part in helping you save more by making it easy for you to use your coupons during your shopping visit by using the following guidelines.


Food Lion accepts manufacturer and store coupons that can be obtained from newspapers, flyers, the internet, our MVP Savings Center, foodlion.com, or our Catalina coupon machines at each register.

*Certain exclusions and exceptions apply. See below for details.

All Coupons must meet the following requirements:

  • Coupons must be in date
  • We will accept original paper manufacturer, Food Lion, or coupons loaded directly to your personal MVP card for face value
    • This includes "FREE" coupons
    • Coupons loaded to your personal MVP card count as a coupon in any instance
    • We will not accept copies of coupons
    • We will not accept altered coupons
    • We do not double or triple coupons
    • We do not accept coupons displayed on a phone or tablet
  • We will accept internet coupons that appear to be the original, with the exception of “FREE” internet coupons
    • "FREE" coupons printed from the internet will not be accepted
  • Coupons will only be honored for identical items that we sell
  • The purchase requirements and restrictions of each coupon must be followed
    • This includes size, quantity limits, etc.
  • The coupon value will be deducted from the final retail (regular or MVP) and cannot exceed the final sale price of the product
  • Only one coupon is allowed per item
    • Each coupon loaded to an MVP card count as a coupon
    • Manufacturers' digital offers cannot be combined with manufacturers' paper coupons on the purchase of the same items
  • A maximum of ten (10) of the same coupon can be used when ten (10) of the specified items are purchased .
    • Each coupon loaded to an MVP card count as one of the ten (10) coupons
  • "Dollar-off-total-order" coupons must meet or exceed purchase requirements of the coupon to be honored


  • For any coupon with a minimum spend, the minimum threshold must be met before taxes and after MVP discounts in order to receive the discount. Discounts are not applicable towards the purchase of alcohol, tobacco, gift cards, postage stamps, or services
  • We reserve the right to limit the quantity of coupons that may be redeemed in one shopping visit, even if not outlined in our coupon policy
  • We reserve the right to refuse any coupon that may appear to be fraudulent
  • State law determines the application of sales tax


Food Lion locations will accept coupons from competitors, except wholesale or warehouse clubs. Store management reserves the right to determine who their competitors are. Competitor's coupons must meet the above coupon policy guidelines in addition to the following:

  • We do not accept competitor coupons earned on a loyalty rewards program or competitor digital coupons
  • Competitor coupons for a competitor's private brand item will be accepted for a matching Food Lion private brand item
  • We will honor only two (2) of the same competitor's coupon when two(2) of the specified items are purchased.
  • "Dollar-off-total-order" coupons will be limited to one Food Lion and one competitor's coupon per day, per household
    • The Food Lion coupon must be used first
    • The remaining balance must meet or exceed the competitor's coupon requirements



Our goal at Food Lion is to provide the best quality product that makes returns unnecessary. However, we realize that an occasional return is inevitable. If that happens, please see a store associate who will assist you by using the following guidelines.


Food Lion will gladly exchange or refund any product that does not meet your expectation.

If you wish to receive a refund instead of an exchange, refunds will be given in the same manner with which you paid for your product, following legal refund requirements by payment type.

*Certain item exclusions and exceptions apply. See below for details.


Food Lion offers a "Double Your Money Back Guarantee" for the following items that do not meet your quality expectations:

  • Private Brand or In-store Produced Items
    Example brands include: Food Lion, Nature’s Promise, CareOne, Etos, Limited Time Originals, Cha Ching, Always My Baby, Companion, Smart Living, Taste of Inspirations, In-Store baked products
  • Freshness Guarantee
    Our goal at Food Lion is to provide the freshest product to you and your family with a hassle-free guarantee just in case you're not 100% satisfied: 100% Fresh or Double Your Money Back on the following items: All fresh items in the following department: produce, meat, deli/bakery, dairy and all private brands items in the store.


Exchanges and/or Refunds will not be given on the following items. All sales are final.

Gift Cards (all), Prepaid Phone Cards, Prepaid Cards, Postage Stamps, Western Union Services (including Money Orders), Lottery Tickets, and other prepaid services.


Alcohol and Tobacco

Receipts are required for exchanges or refunds on Alcohol or Tobacco if permitted in your state.

  • Alcohol exchanges and refunds are prohibited in Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia.
  • Tobacco exchanges and refunds are prohibited in Tennessee and West Virginia.
  • Tobacco items can only be exchanged in or returned to the exact store in which you purchased them.

Baby Formula

Without a receipt, baby formula can be exchanged only. Product can only be exchanged for the identical item (brand, flavor, size).

With a receipt, baby formula can be refunded in the manner with which it was paid, with the exception of WIC payments.

  • With or without a receipt, baby formula purchased with WIC will be exchanged for identical product only.

*Food Lion Management reserves the right to limit Refunds or Double Money Back Guarantees



Our goal at Food Lion is to provide accurate pricing for our customers.  We make it easy for you to recognize the price of our items by correctly representing the price on shelf tags or signs in front of the item.  If at any time the price at check-out does not match the price represented on the shelf tag or sign, it is our commitment to do our part by standing by our price. 


If the electronic price displayed or charged at the check-out is HIGHER than the price displayed on the shelf tag or sign, the customer will receive one of each unique item for free, and any additional of the same item at the price displayed on the shelf tag or sign.


*BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) items are considered half of the price of the regular retail, with your MVP Card.

*Certain item exclusions and exceptions apply.  See below for details.

*If you are returning to the store after the purchase has been completed, receipts are required to ensure you receive proper credit.    Refunds will be given in the same manner in which you paid for your product, following legal refund requirements by payment type.


Alcohol, Tobacco (all states)

Milk (PA and VA only)

You will receive all items for the price displayed on the shelf tag or sign; however, for legal reasons, we cannot honor a free item