Cake Bakery & Baked Goods Department

Our Cakes

Our Cakes

Our cake bakery can provide you with one of our special Simply Delicious Cakes to celebrate your next birthday, anniversary, graduation, or special event. Our expert Food lion bakery staff uses only the finest ingredients to bring you, your family, and your friends a cake that caters to any tastes. Swing by your local Food Lion today to explore our cake bakery's amazing treats and stock up on the latest goods that are fresh from the oven at Food Lion.



Are all bakery items baked/made in-store?

Many of our delicious bakery products are baked fresh daily including, but not limited to, our gourmet cookies, turnovers, fruit bites, and Italian and French....

Freshly baked, Baked Rolls, Breads and more

Whether you're looking for fresh breads to include in an unbeatable sandwich or the cake that's just right for your next special occasion, you are sure to find just what you need at the Food Lion bakery. At your local Food Lion, you can explore our selection of fresh bagels, rolls, breads, and more.