A diverse selection of cheese, butter, milk, yogurt and many other dairy products make up the dairy department at your local Food Lion. Our Taste of Inspirations™ line offers a sophisticated choice in tune with current culinary trends complimenting our Food Lion brands and national name brand products. Explore all our fresh dairy today.

Types of Cheese

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    Asiago Firm and mild when young, sharp and nutty when aged. Serve on pastas, salads, butternut ravioli, grilled fennel, firm fish filets.

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    Blue Sharp, tangy and intense. Can be creamy or firm and crumbly. Crumble on salads, vegetabls and grilled steaks; blend for dips and dressings.

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    Brie Soft, buttery with a hint of earthy mushroom flavors. Serve with apples, melons, berries, warm pistachios. Bake wrapped in pastry dough with cranberry and nut topping.


What is the difference between Cage Free versus Free Range Eggs?

Cage Free eggs are from hens that are able move around freely in an open barn where they provided with nest boxes. Free range eggs are similar to cage free eggs except that hens have a chance to forage on the grass.