Want to fire up flavorful burgers, grill juicy steaks, savor spicy hot chicken or taste tangy ribs tonight? Food Lion has the meat products you'll need for your meal. Visit our meat department at Food Lion for the best selection of meats and choice cuts for every occasion and every budget.

Our Beef

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    Beef Stew Cut normally from the chuck, these 3/4" to 1" cuts are best braised or pot roasted. The marbling within the piece of meat gives it tenderness and flavor.

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    Beef Stir Fry Cut from a variety of lean pieces of beef (mostly top round and sirloin tip), these thinly cut strips of beef are best in stir fry and are used mostly for fajitas and stir fry recipes.

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    Bone-In Braising Ribs Best when braised and/or pot roasted, these cut from the chuck end, are moist, tender and flavorful.



How can I be sure my roast has been thoroughly cooked?

You can ensure your roast is cooked thoroughly by using a meat thermometer. Roasts cooked to medium doneness should be cooked to 160 °F; 170 °F for well done.