Does Food Lion buy locally?

We operate in 10 states and do buy from farmers/growers in every state when the produce is available or in season.  Food Lion operates in the following states:  1. Delaware  2.  Georgia  3.  Kentucky  4.  Maryland  5.  North Carolina  6.  Pennsylvania  7.  South Carolina  8.  Tennessee  9.  Virginia  10.  West Virginia

When you buy fresh produce at Food Lion, you'll get what's best in season, and your everyday favorites. The crispest apples, the ripest bananas and the brightest berries are only a fraction of what we offer. We work hard to ensure that our produce department delivers the freshest produce to your home.

What's In Season

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    Pacific Rose Apples FLAVOR: Pacific Rose has a delicate sweetness that is refreshing and crisp. APPEARANCE: This pink beauty has a distinctively rosy-blush appearance. PAIRINGS: Pacific Rose is the perfect complement to a tuna or chicken salad, and is tasty when diced into a minty tabbouleh salad.

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    Jonagold Apples FLAVOR: Jonagolds are moderately sweet with a honeydew melon character. They are well-balanced, with a slight tartness and have a smooth texture. APPEARANCE: Jonagolds tend to be large in size and have a crimson stripe and blush over a yellow-green background. PAIRINGS: Jonagolds are an ideal addition to fresh fruit salads that include orange and honeydew, and also pair well with Italian-style sausage, bacon, ham and other pork products.

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    Ambrosia Apples FLAVOR: Ambrosia apples have a distinct honey flavor with a slightly perfumed aroma. These apples are tender and juicy with a fine, crisp texture. APPEARANCE: Ambrosia has a smooth skin, with a bright, almost iridescent pink blush over a creamy yellow background. PAIRINGS: Ambrosia is an ideal addition to your favorite coleslaw. It also tastes great when cooked with braised chicken or folded into a homemade waffle.

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    Sweetango Apples FLAVOR: The SweeTango apple is crisp and sweet, with a lively touch of citrus, honey and spice. This apple offers unmatched texture — perfectly crunchy and satisfyingly juicy. APPEARANCE: SweeTango is a blush apple with a deep red coloration over a yellow-breaking background. PAIRINGS: SweeTango pairs well with butternut squash soup, a baby kale salad or pork chops with sweet onion.

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