Does Food Lion buy locally?

We operate in 10 states and do buy from farmers/growers in every state when the produce is available or in season.  Food Lion operates in the following states:  1. Delaware  2.  Georgia  3.  Kentucky  4.  Maryland  5.  North Carolina  6.  Pennsylvania  7.  South Carolina  8.  Tennessee  9.  Virginia  10.  West Virginia

When you buy fresh produce at Food Lion, you'll get what's best in season, and your everyday favorites. The crispest apples, the ripest bananas and the brightest berries are only a fraction of what we offer. We work hard to ensure that our produce department delivers the freshest produce to your home.

What's In Season

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    Watermelon This incredibly juicy melon has a light, sweet and aromatic flesh. It's rind has a light and dark green variation, and its flesh is a deep pink. This summer classic is always good on its own but also pairs beautifully with avocados, berries, feta and goat cheese, jalapeno, lemons, pork, red onion and shrimp.

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    Honey Dew Honey Dew is the sweetest of all melons and has a honey sweet flavor. They have a smooth, creamy white outer skin and a light green inner flesh. Honey Dew can be pureed and added to smoothies, cocktails and syrups. They pair well with lime, mint, basil, sweet cream, cottage cheese, and berries.

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    Cantaloupe This melon is very sweet, juicy and has a floral musky aroma. It has a netted yellow and green colored skin. It’s flesh is coral-orange in color. Cantaloupe is great as a breakfast meal or salad ingredient. They pair well with hazelnuts, citrus, pork, feta, and goat cheeses.

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    Lemon Drop A flavorful melon with a signature tartness of a lemon and subtle hints of a Honey Dew. With a dark and light yellow striped skin, its flesh is succulent, dense, and pale green. Lemon Drops are great in fruit salads or served on their own as a healthy snack. They pair well with ginger, chiles, prosciutto, and tomatoes.

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    Golden Dew This melon is very sweet and has a very similar taste to Honey Dew. They have a smooth, golden yellow outer rind and a pale green inner flesh. Golden Dews can be pureed and added to sauces, smoothies, cocktails and syrups. They pair well with lime, mint, basil, sweet cream, cottage cheese, and berries.

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    Peaches This sweet, juicy and aromatic fruit has a distinctively fuzzy skin. The coloration varies between yellow, orange and dark red. Peaches pair well with cinnamon, mint, basil, brandy, butter, cream, ice cream, honey, walnuts, pecans, vinegar and wine. Bake them with cinnamon and sugar in peach pie, cobbler or crisp. They are also great on the grill! Preserve them in a jam, or sliced in a mason jar with syrup.

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    Cherries Very firm and crisp with a very sweet, sometimes tangy, and juicy flavor. Sweet cherries go well with red or white wine. It pairs well with dark chocolate, dark leafy greens, balsamic vinegar, radish, vanilla and white chocolate. Frozen cherries are perfect for smoothies and sangria. They also make great toppings for ice cream, yogurt, pancakes or waffles for a sweet taste.

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    Mango With its perfect combination of sweet and sour, mango complements the rich taste of creamy cheeses, balances the heat of smoky dishes, and intensifies the flavors of other tropical fruits. This versatile fruit pairs well with apple, berries, caramel, citrus, coconut, melon, vanilla, and cinnamon.

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