Does Food Lion buy locally?

We operate in 10 states and do buy from farmers/growers in every state when the produce is available or in season.  Food Lion operates in the following states:  1. Delaware  2.  Georgia  3.  Kentucky  4.  Maryland  5.  North Carolina  6.  Pennsylvania  7.  South Carolina  8.  Tennessee  9.  Virginia  10.  West Virginia

When you buy fresh produce at Food Lion, you'll get what's best in season, and your everyday favorites. The crispest apples, the ripest bananas and the brightest berries are only a fraction of what we offer. We work hard to ensure that our produce department delivers the freshest produce to your home.

What's In Season

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    Blood Orange Moro FLAVOR: Blood Oranges offer a distinct rich orange taste. APPEARANCE: They have a deep maroon interior and orange-red exterior and are easy to peel. PAIRINGS: Toss slices into salads, salsas, & chutneys. The intense flavor is wonderful with grilled meat.

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    Clementines Citrus Fruit FLAVOR: Clementines are very sweet with a honey-like flavor. APPEARANCE: With a glossy exterior and deep orange, juicy interior, clementines are small and seedless with an skin that is easy to peel. PAIRINGS: Clementines are perfect for snacking, and make an excellent topping for a sesame salad or mix them in with fish tacos for a refreshing twist.

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    Minneola Tangelo FLAVOR: Minneolas are a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit, resulting in an exotic sweet-tart flavor. They are also known for being extremely juicy. APPEARANCE: With a deep orange-red skin and a pronounced neck, the skin is medium-thick, soft and easy to peel. PAIRINGS: Serve with Feta cheese and olives on top of flat bread for a tasty Mediterranean treat or cook with a pork stir fry for a citrus twist.

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    Navel Orange FLAVOR: Considered one of the world’s best-tasting oranges, Navel oranges have a sweet flavor and that “classic orange” taste. APPEARANCE: Navels have a button formation opposite the stem end. They are seedless, and also peel and segment easily. PAIRINGS: Navel orange slices are the perfect addition to a salmon, avocado salad, topped with sliced almonds or mixed in with your favorite ambrosia recipe.

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    Texas Rio Star Grapefruit FLAVOR Texas Rio Stars have a succulent, tangy flavor with a satisfyingly sweet aftertaste. APPEARANCE With an overall blush on the exterior peel and a deep red interior color, Texas Rio Stars are 7 to 10 times redder than the Ruby Red grapefruit. PAIRINGS Texas Rio Stars are delicious sprinkled with brown sugar or dip slices of it into your favorite flavored yogurt.

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    Cara Cara Navel Orange FLAVOR Cara Cara oranges have an exceptionally sweet flavor with a tangy cranberry-like taste. Their low acidity makes them sweeter than your average orange. APPEARANCE With an exterior and size similar to other navel oranges, inside they have a unique pink interior. PAIRINGS Cara Cara oranges are the perfect compliment to your favorite salmon recipe or as a wonderful addition to a mint salad with ginger-lime dressing.

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