Fuji Apples


FLAVOR: The sweetest of all varieties

TIP: Enjoy fresh or for baking


Gala Apples


FLAVOR: Crisp & juicy with a sweet taste

TIP: Excellent out of hand or in a salad.


Red Delicious

Red Delicious

FLAVOR: Mild, sweet taste & softer texture

TIP: Great option for a heart healthy snack


Pink Lady Apples

Pink Lady

FLAVOR: Petite & mildly sweet

TIP: Perfect for recipes, salads, and sauces


Opal Apples


FLAVOR: Juicy-sweet with a hint of tang

TIP: Perfect for cooking, baking & eating raw


SweeTango Apples


FLAVOR: Deliciously crisp & sweet

TIP: Great for snacking, salads & baking


Golden Delicious Apples

Golden Delicious

FLAVOR: Sweet & mellow

TIP: Stays white longer after slicing


Ambrosia Apples


FLAVOR: Honey-like sweetness

TIP: Known as the "irresistible apple." Incorporate into cakes, doughnuts, and muffins for added moisture and sweetness.


Granny Smith Apples

Granny Smith

FLAVOR: Crisp texture & tart flavor

TIP: Pairs exceptionally well with nut butter


Honeycrisp Apples


FLAVOR: Juicy & crisp with a distinctive sweetness

TIP: Excellent choice for baking