Are all bakery items baked/made in-store?

Many of our delicious bakery products are baked fresh daily including, but not limited to, our gourmet cookies, turnovers, fruit bites, and Italian and French breads. No matter how the bakery item is prepared, it is guaranteed to be of the highest quality so that our discerning customers are completely satisfied.

How do I order a birthday cake or other type occasion cake?

Please call or visit your nearest Food Lion store and place your order with a Deli-Bakery associate. We can customize your order to your needs and to your type of celebration. For greatest customer satisfaction, we kindly ask that our stores have at least 24 hours advance notice so that they can ensure they have the flavor, icing and decorations you need to make your cake memorable and unique. However, for those in a rush or no time to pre-order a cake, we do carry fresh cakes in our cake cases in various sizes and flavors to meet a wide variety of needs.  

The Food Lion bakery doesn’t carry an item anymore that I absolutely loved. Can it be brought back?

Our Food Lion bakeries carry a wide assortment of breads, rolls, cakes, cookies, breakfast items and desserts. Our goal is to be in stock on those everyday items that our customer demands (for example, Italian bread, glazed donuts, chocolate chip cookies, and occasion cakes). If we no longer carry an item, it may have been a seasonal or holiday item and will be back the next time that season or holiday comes around. We continually aim to ‘surprise and delight’ the customer with rotating items and flavors that may have only a limited time offering. Other times an item may have been deleted due to it not meeting our high quality expectations.