What is beer?

A generic name for alcoholic beverages produced when extracts from cereal grains and other starchy materials are fermented by yeast.

What ingredients are in beer?

There are four main ingredients in beer which form the basis of all recipes- water, malt, hops and yeast. Some additions could be adjunct grain, fruit and spices.

What are ales?

Typically fermented warmer, with yeast strains that float after fermentation. Ales generally are sweet, nutty, fruity, and full.

What are lagers?

Typically fermented at colder temperatures using yeast strains that settle after fementation. Due to a long, cold fermenting and lagering period, lagers tend to produce a drier, crisper beer with less fruity characteristics.

Is a beer glass important?

The shape and size of the glass impacts the beer's taste and aroma. Proper glassware should fit in the hand, have correct thickness and allow the aroma to reach the nose.

What is ABV (Alcohol by Volume)?

Measure of how much alcohol is contained in the beer as a percentage of volume/weight.

What is IBU (International Bittering Units)?

It's perceived Bitterness. Measure of the beer's malt/hop balance. 

What is SRM (Standard Reference Method)?

Scales used to measure and quantify beer color.

Can I cook with beer?

Use beer:

As an ingredient in your recipe.

As a seasoning or flavoring for dressings, sauces, condiments, foams, sugar, syrups and icing.

As a replacement for water/liquids in current slowcooker recipes, stews and soups, steamed vegetables and boiled pasta.

As marinade for meat, poulty or fish.

In the cooking process.

As a wet rub or basting liquid.

To make a reduction sauce.