What is Food Lion To-Go?
Food Lion To-Go is a service that allows customers to shop online, from any computer, iPhone, iPad or Android device, and have their groceries ready for them to be picked up at the store upon their scheduled arrival.
How much does a Food Lion To-Go delivery cost?
The very first Food Lion To-Go pick up service is FREE!*
$1.99 for a 2-hour pick-up window with purchase of $35 or more*
$5.99 for a pick-up under $35*
*Prices subject to change with minimun purchase of $10
When are the Food Lion To-Go pick-up hours?
7 days a week: 10am – 8pm
*Subject to availability
Can I order everything that a store has in stock through Food Lion To-Go?
We try to offer almost everything that is available in-store except tobacco, gift cards, lottery, postage stamps, seasonal/General Merchandise and services. Beer/Alcohol is only offered North Carolina.
Who do I contact if there is an issue with my Food Lion To-Go pick-up service?
Please refer to Food Lion To-Go's Customer Happiness Team:
Where do I locate my receipt?
You can review your receipts two ways:
1. After scheduled pick-up a text or email is received
2. Food Lion To-Go Account
Once the groceries have been picked up, you will receive an email and text notification with a link to your receipt, where you can rate the order and leave feedback. When logged into your Food Lion To-Go account menu, you can select Order History and view your receipt.
Can I use coupons with my Food Lion To-Go purchase?
Food Lion To-Go honors same as in-store pricing, including MVP Savings. Any load to card, CPG Coupons and Savings Center offers can be redeemed on a Food Lion To-Go order. 
Why doesn't the Food Lion To-Go website show MVP pricing?
MVP in-store savings can be viewed once your loyalty card information has been added to your Food Lion To-Go account under Loyalty Cards. Once your MVP Loyalty card information is entered, the MVP pricing will show in red.
Can my shopping list at www.FoodLion.com transfer to the Food Lion To-Go page?
Shopping portal is managed and maintained by Instacart and has no affiliation with www.FoodLion.com.
When does the charge come through on my Credit Card?
A hold is placed on the credit card used for purchase until the actual transaction occurs. Variable weighted items, such as produce, may adjust final cost.
What if there is an item that's out of stock?
Through Instacart's mobile app, the shopper is able to communicate if there are any out of stock issues or substitute issues. You may update your communication preferences by visiting your account and selecting both bars to be green on the right hand side for SMS (text) messages and a call before checkout. They will only contact you if there are changes pending to your order. If you prefer no communication, you may keep both bars red. While placing the item in your basket, you may add some substitution preferences if desired.
How do I order items from the deli that are measured by pound?
If you're ordering from the deli and the items are measured by pound, feel free to include the quantity count in the comments section to communicate any stipulations included in your order.
How do I set up a Food Lion To-Go account?
1. Visit togo.foodlion.com
2. Enter your zip code for pick-up service
3. Fill in the required fields
To make any changes to your account once you've logged in, click "Account" and then "Your Account" from the drop down menu.
** Disclaimer - Food Lion To-Go pick-up service is only available in the select markets