What type of meat do you recommend for _______ (grilling, roast, crock pot, pan frying, etc.)?

There are a variety of meats that do well with any type of meal event you want to do.  Poultry is so versatile that you can cook any cut of chicken in a multitude of different methods.  Pork chops can either be grilled, braised, or pan seared.  Ribs work best being grilled. Pork Loins, netted sirloins work very well in the crock pot or roasting.  Boston Butts are great smoked and sliced or shredded for BBQ. For more details click here.

What are some tips for ‘stress free’ grilling?

(1) Before grilling, when seasoning meat with a rub or marinade, give the seasoning at least an hour to absorb into the meat.  (2) Make sure the grill fully reaches the wanted temperature before placing the meat on the grill (this will give the meat a good sear to seal in the juices). (3) When taking the meat off of the grill, let it ‘rest’ for approximately 10 minutes before serving to let the natural juices and flavor draw into the meat. 

Why can't you grind a roast for me?

For our customers’ safety, Food Lion, as an organization, has decided to take this approach in order to maintain as much traceability of our meat products as possible. This will allow us to act quickly and remove any affected product in the event of a food recall.

What are the feeding procedures for your beef products?

These animals are raised in their natural environment on pasture grass for approximately 24 months. After which they are finished (prior to harvest) on grain mixture which primarily consists of Corn, Corn Silage for roughage and Distillers Grains (which are a by-product of ethanol production) for approximately 100 days. 

I don't see the Beef in the case marked as far as a grade. Is it Choice?

Yes, all of our fresh Beef is 100% USDA Choice. 

Is your Beef Gluten free?

All of our Fresh Beef items are naturally gluten free. 

What does not contain Gluten?

Gluten is found in grains such as wheat, barley, rye, and a cross between wheat and rye called triticale.  Beef, Pork, Chicken and Seafood naturally do not carry gluten.  Refer to ingredient list for any products further processed or contain marinated, dry rub, breading or stuffing.

Why did my chicken weigh less than what I was charged for at the store?

The absorbent pad is not included in the net weight price.  The tare (tray, pad, film) is weighed prior to adding the product and is deducted from the gross weight.  The purpose of the pad is to absorb the “chicken juices.” The production of this visible poultry juice is known in the industry as weep or purge and is affected by several conditions.The muscle tissue of the chicken is composed of approximately 75% naturally occurring water.  Products that contain a lot of fat have very little purge as the fat cells contain little or no water.   In addition, the chicken breasts are enhanced with chicken broth, sea salt, and natural flavoring that provide convenience by saving steps in preparation at home. 

Temperatures (seasonal and product) and the amount of time following slaughter greatly influence the amount of purge or seepage.  As the muscle cells “loosen up,” the water seeps out.  The longer the product sits in the refrigerator, the more liquid is released from the muscle cells and accumulates in the package.   This is a normal process that occurs in all meats.  

Am I being charged for the packaging?

See above for further details.

Was our Chicken or Pork raised with hormones? 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) does not permit the use of hormones in raising hogs or chickens, turkeys and other fowl. That is why the USDA does not allow the use of the term "no hormones added" on labels of pork or poultry products unless it is followed by a statement explaining that "Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones."

Was our Chicken or Pork raised with antibiotics? 

Nature's Place Pork and Poultry are never, ever raised with antibiotics.