Does Food Lion buy locally?

We operate in 10 states and do buy from farmers/growers in every state when the produce is available or in season.  Food Lion operates in the following states:  1. Delaware  2.  Georgia  3.  Kentucky  4.  Maryland  5.  North Carolina  6.  Pennsylvania  7.  South Carolina  8.  Tennessee  9.  Virginia  10.  West Virginia

How do I know your product is safe for consumption?

Food Lion only buys products from USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Certified farms.  The farms are USDA certified in industry best practices.  All certified farms are subject to routine inspections.

How do I know if my produce is ripe?

Inside each produce department, there should be a book with details on each product.  If the book is not available, or if the product is not listed, a friendly produce associate will happily answer all of your questions.