How do I sign up?

• Visit and sign in to your MVP Account (or create a new account).

• Once you're logged in, click the link to "Shop & Earn" found under the "Savings" tab.

• First time users will see a brief tutorial banner above their offer catalog.

• Everyone else will immediately see their available offers.

• Offers will automatically be loaded to your MVP card and purchases will automatically be contributing to the thresholds.

How do I find Shop & Earn?

Shop & Earn can be found under the "Savings" tab or directly at

How do I earn Shop & Earn rewards?

• Offers will automatically be loaded to your MVP card when you visit the Shop & Earn page.

• Earn rewards before the 1st of the following month when the rewards refresh to a new set.

• You have until the end of following month is over to redeem rewards – check your "Wallet" for the balance.

• Once earned, rewards will be redeemed on the next shopping trip with your MVP card.

• Progress for each offer can be tracked at

Why do I have different offers under Shop & Earn than my friend/neighbor?

• Food Lion offers targeted offers for items that you already purchase each month!

• The offers available to activate on your MVP card will be personalized for your shopping needs.

I used a different MVP card when I shopped. What do I do?

• Ensure you use the same Alternate ID and MVP card for every transaction.

• If you use your Alternate ID, you will find the MVP card associated with it at the bottom of the receipt.

• If you need to update your information, please contact Consumer Relations at 1.800.210.9569.

How do I update my information associated with my MVP Card?

• Visit and login to your online account (or sign up for a new account). 

• Click on your name to view your personal information. 

• The pencil will indicate where you may "Edit" your account information, communication preferences and your favorite Food Lion. The MVP Account Number will also be displayed for viewing only. 

• If you are unable to change this information, please contact Consumer Relations at 1.800.210.9569

When do my rewards expire?

• Shop & Earn available balance is displayed in "My Wallet". 

• The rewards earned during the month will be available from the moment the reward was earned through the following month – giving you a maximum of 60 days and a minimum of 30 days to use Shop & Earn rewards. 


How do I redeem my rewards?

• Shop & Earn rewards are redeemed automatically on the next shopping trip. 

Do rewards reset in the same month once they have been met?

• Each Shop & Earn reward is offered once for the entire month. 

• If the reward is earned in the first week of the month, it will then be marked as redeemed at the next visit and will be viewable in "My Wallet".


Who do I contact if my rewards do not automatically come off my purchase?

• See Store Manager for assistance. 

• Please login to your MVP Account to verify information is correct. 

• If you need additional assistance, you may contact Consumer Relations at 1.800.210.9569


When can I receive new Shop & Earn offers?

• Every 1st of the month there will be new offers provided to each Shop & Earn user. 

• Those offers are available to each user to work towards the threshold of the reward until the end of that month. 


Can I earn and redeem Shop & Earn rewards if I order on Food Lion To Go?

• Yes, your offers will automatically earn and redeem when you order your groceries for pickup or delivery using Food Lion To Go.