10 Must Haves for a Teenage Girl's Emergency Kit

October 06, 2017 | Food Lion
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This is your guide to a teenage girl's emergency kit—perfect for any girl trying to conquer the teenage years gracefully. Simply throw this kit in your teen's backpack or purse to ease their stress!

Here are 10 things every teen girl needs in her emergency kit:

1. Sanitary Products: An obvious must-have for any teen girl or woman for that matter. It is important for these items to be items she is used to using and comfortable with, especially in an emergency situation.

2. Deodorant: Perfect for an instant refresher—no matter what time of day or night.

3. Hairbrush & Hairspray: A small brush (preferably compact) and a travel-size bottle of hairspray is perfect for any afternoon touch up.

4. Foundation and/or Powder: Any good emergency kit contains foundation for a heavy coverage or power for a light touch up. These are must-haves to keep that fresh look going all day.

5. Lip Gloss: Easy to reapply throughout the day and for a perfect, light feeling!

6. Breath Mints: No one needs to be without breath mints throughout the day, easy to transport and use without much notice at all.

7. Make Up Remover Wipes: Just in case of a makeup emergency, these wipes will quickly wash away everything from running mascara to mismatched foundation. Plus, they'll also double as hand wipes if needed.

8. Cell Phone Charger: It's always good to keep an extra charger on hand, especially if your teen is on the go. The last thing you want as a parent is to end up unable to reach your teen due to a dead phone.

9. Contact Solution: If your teen is a contact lens wearer, an extra case with solution is a must. Being caught without solution could cost you a pair of contacts, so be sure to carry enough at all times and recheck it often to refill.

10. Cash: We are used to using debit cards but there are still situations where cash is needed. This is not spending money but rather emergency money for those "just in case" situations.

Be sure to pick up these items the next time you're in Food Lion and put your teen at ease with a well packed emergency kit!

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