Fall harvest: 12 ways to get your kids to eat more apples

November 21, 2017 | Food Lion
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From how you pick them to how you slice them to how you serve them, the way apples are presented to your kids will impact whether they are willing to eat this delicious and healthy fruit. Thanks to the many varieties of apples, you can serve up this fall favorite every day of the week.

1. Fresh from the trees

Go apple picking! As a fall family activity, choosing your fruit directly from apple trees is hard to beat. Your kids will be more likely to bite into the fruits they've picked with their very own hands.

2. The next best thing

Take your children with you to the grocery store and allow them to select a variety of apples they want to try. They'll feel like certified grown-ups.

3. Taste test

Surprise your kids with a healthy experiment and do a taste test of several different types of apples. What's different about them? What's similar? Which is the sweetest? The juiciest? The tastiest?

4. Taste test part 2

Present your children with apples in different forms, like applesauce, muffins, apple butter, or even apple juice or apple cider. Then taste test different varieties of the fruit to see if your kids can guess what apples were the main ingredient in each item.

5. Go for a dip

We all know that kids love any foods they can dip. So try a variety of apples and dips: Red delicious apples and peanut butter. Granny Smith apples and melted cheese. Pink Lady apples and yogurt. Gala apples and caramel.

6. Peel away

Some kids balk at apples because the skin can be difficult to chew. Peel away the skin and give your child the whole apple to munch and introduce the skin over time.

7. Slice 'em up

Whether you cut them into quarters, eighths, or take the time to use miniature cookie cutters on thin slices of apple, presenting the familiar in a new way can have your kids asking for more apples.

8. Go sweet

Turn fruit into dessert. Rely on the old staples like apple pie, apple cobbler, or apple dumplings. Or serve up warm sautéed cinnamon apples for a satisfying and simple apple sweet.

9. Mix and match

Make your own fruit cocktail with apple and other fruits of the season. Add apple chunks to your kid's morning oatmeal. Whip up a fruity apple smoothie. Include chopped apples in your stuffing.

10. Coloring time

If your kids are wary to try red apples, be sure they are aware of the many varieties. You may even get a picky eater to bite into an apple if yellow is his favorite color and – ta da! – you present him with a yellow apple of his very own.

11. Sweeten dinner

Savory and sweet are an irresistible combination. Introduce apples to your dinners. Grilled cheese with a thinly sliced Granny Smith apple. Caramel apple pork chops. Apple sandwiches with granola and peanut butter.

12. Chip in

If your child would rather eat potato chips than fruit, give crunchy, tasty (addictive) apple chips a whirl. They are delicious on salads and desserts, and an excellent healthy, fun addition to lunch boxes.

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