16 Sweet Twists on the Classic S’mores Recipe

July 22, 2021 | Food Lion
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Picture this - it’s a warm summer night, the stars are twinkling and you’re spending quality time with loved ones around a crackling fire. Sounds pretty fantastic, right? What could make it even better? How about a sweet spin on the classic s’mores recipe to enjoy all together? After all, this campfire dessert is a favorite between kids and adults alike, so a creative twist is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. 

And besides the fact that s’mores are always a hit, August 10th is National S’mores Day. So, it’s the perfect time of year to toast some marshmallows and try one of the 16 s’mores recipes you’ll find in this blog. Keep reading to get inspired and get toasting! 

1. Make your S’mores dippable. 

S’mores are classically handheld, but to be a little imaginative, try turning this dessert into a dip with our Peanut Butter S’mores Dip recipe. With a flavor combination of chocolate and peanut butter, it may also remind you of a peanut butter cup. Yum! 

To make it, start by layering chocolate bars into the bottom of a baking dish. Then, add dollops of creamy peanut butter, followed by chopped peanuts. Top with a layer of miniature marshmallows and bake in the oven for five minutes. Serve with rice cereal treat squares, fresh fruit, pretzels and - of course - Food Lion graham crackers. Because no s’mores recipe is complete without the graham crackers!  

2. Cool off with Frozen S’mores. 

Frozen S’mores Squares stacked on cutting board, misc ingredients

Instead of a warm and toasted s’mores dessert, why not try one that’s frozen - and perfect for warm summer days? That’s right! After 20 minutes of preparation time (plus six hours in the freezer) and six ingredients, you’ll have a delicious and frosty treat that we call Frozen S’mores Squares. What elements will you need? Great question!

  • Graham crackers
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Whipped topping
  • Cream cheese
  • Instant chocolate pudding mix
  • Milk 

And if you want to change up the flavor a bit, use a different pudding mix, such as cookies and cream, white chocolate or cheesecake. 

3. Add a little heat with Chipotle S’mores. 

A dash of chipotle powder makes for an exciting kick when you take a bite of a Chipotle S’mores. Plus, for a little extra spice, you’ll also use cinnamon graham crackers instead of the classic honey flavor. Then, use your favorite chocolate bar and marshmallow. That’s all there is to this s’mores recipe with a zesty twist. 

4. Craft some sweet and salty S’mores Popcorn Treats.

Stacked S'Mores Popcorn Treats on blue plate

Bring together two classic sweets - s’mores and marshmallow cereal treats - with a slight variation that makes this recipe sweet and salty. Instead of rice cereal, you’ll be using popcorn. So, if you and your family love munching on popcorn during snack time, this may be the perfect s’mores recipe for you! You’ll also need graham cereal, mini marshmallows and chocolate morsels for the s’mores flavors, plus butter, sugar, corn syrup and vanilla extract. 

Want to see how to make these popcorn treats? Check out the full recipe here!

5. Cook your s’mores in a skillet on the grill. 

Are you planning to get the grill out for your summer dinner? While you already have it warmed up, go ahead and make this Grilled S’mores recipe, too, for a convenient and easy dessert. Just grab a cast-iron skillet or aluminum pan and layer your graham cracker pieces, then the marshmallows and chocolate chips. Repeat these layers until you run out of ingredients. Next, cover the skillet or pan with aluminum foil and cook on the grill for several minutes. 

When you’re ready to dig into this tasty s’mores recipe, you can either eat it like nachos or use a fork or spoon. The choice is totally up to you and your family.

6. Bake a batch of Fudgy S’mores Brownies.

Fudgy S’mores Brownies  on plates, blue and white checked tablecloth, fork, wood table

As you know, brownies are a rich chocolate dessert. And a key component of s’mores is also chocolate. That means that brownies are the perfect treat to add some s’mores flavors into. Our recipe for Fudgy S’mores Brownies is a great way to put that theory to the test. Once you take a look, you’ll see that it utilizes homemade brownie batter; however, you can certainly use a mix to make this s’mores recipe a little easier to execute. Plus, you won’t need to buy as many ingredients. 

Besides a brownie layer in the middle, the other layers include a graham cracker crust, marshmallow topping and a chocolate drizzle. Chopped nuts would also make a tasty topping for a bit of crunch. 

7. Enjoy three layers of chocolate with Hazelnut S’mores.

Are you and your little ones big chocolate lovers? If so, this Chocolate Hazelnut S’mores recipe is the perfect one to try! With chocolate graham crackers, candy and a layer of chocolate hazelnut spread, each bite will have three different elements of cocoa. Want to add a fourth? Use chocolate marshmallows instead! 

8. Get creative with cookies and peanut butter cups.

Butter Cup Cookie S’mores on wood table

Skip the graham crackers and use chocolate chip cookies instead for a buttery and chocolatey twist. And why stop there with the creativity? With this Peanut Butter Cup Cookie S’mores recipe, you’ll also use a different chocolate candy. And you can probably guess what it is since the name says it all. Peanut butter cups, of course! 

Are you interested in trying a different type of cookie? Peanut butter cookies would taste fantastic, as well as double chocolate chip cookies. 

9. Bite into sweet S’mores-Dipped Apples. 

Caramel and candy apples are something you typically find at local fairs and carnivals. Not only is our recipe for S’mores-Dipped Apples a creative twist on the chocolatey campfire dessert, but it’s also an easy way to enjoy sweet dipped apples at home! You’ll only need six total ingredients: 

  • Granny Smith apples
  • Butter
  • Graham crackers
  • Marshmallows
  • Milk chocolate chips
  • Mini chocolate chips

And don’t forget the wooden skewers, too! 

10. Add a layer of bacon and caramel.

Salted Caramel S’mores on wood table

Is everything truly better with bacon? With this s’mores recipe, you and your family may quickly decide the answer is “yes”! Or at least decide that s’mores are better with bacon. 

Besides the savory addition of crispy bacon, salted caramel is also added to this sandwiched dessert. So, together with the classic s’mores ingredients, you’ll have a treat that’s oh-so-balanced with its sweet and salty flavors, a combination many of us totally love. 

Snag the full Salted Caramel S’mores recipe here

11. Indulge in some double chocolate S’mores Cookies. 

If you loved our eighth s’mores recipe that used cookies instead of graham crackers, we have another cookie concept to share! These Easy S’mores Cookies incorporate double chocolate Moravian cookies, mini marshmallows, crushed graham crackers and a chocolate drizzle. Altogether, you’ll enjoy a double chocolate cookie sandwich filled with fluffy marshmallow goodness. 

12. Fire up the grill and roast some Easy Peanut Butter S’mores.

Hand holding Easy Peanut Butter S’mores, plated sS'mores, marshmallows, peanut butter

Get ready to give the classic campfire dessert a nutty twist with our Easy Peanut Butter S’mores recipe. On top of tasting like a peanut butter cup - but with toasted marshmallows and a little crunch - another thing that makes this recipe stand out is its preparation on the grill. 

However, unlike our fifth s’mores recipe that’s cooked in a skillet on the grill, these treats are individually wrapped in aluminum foil instead. Then, after cooking for one to two minutes on each side and a little bit of cooling time, you can unwrap and enjoy your peanut butter s’mores! 

13. Swap the chocolate for Caramel Apple Pretzel S’mores.

Triple the crunch, add a little tartness and skip the chocolate in this crafty s’mores recipe. With graham crackers, a pretzel crisp and a thin slice of Granny Smith apple, these Caramel Apple Pretzel S’mores are extra crunchy. And with a caramel sauce topping on your toasted marshmallow, this recipe is a combination of sweetness, saltiness and a little tang. De-lish!

14. Enjoy extra crunch with cookies and cream flavors.

Trio of Cookies and Cream S’mores on terrazo countertop

When it comes to snack time, what is your family’s go-to cookie? If you answered “chocolate sandwich cookies,” then we have the perfect s’mores recipe for you to try this summer - Cookies and Cream S’mores. With chocolate graham crackers, cookies and cream candy squares, marshmallows and actual sandwich cookies, this fun dessert is sure to be a huge hit with your family. And naturally, this treat pairs perfectly with a cold glass of milk, so be sure to pick up some Food Lion brand or Nature’s Promise milk while shopping for your s’mores ingredients. Your neighborhood Food Lion also carries a variety of dairy alternatives, so walk down the dairy aisle to see what all is in-store!

15. Add even more cookies and cream flavors with cream cheese.

For even stronger cookies and cream flavors, you can also add a pillowy layer of chocolate sandwich cookie delight. It’s simply comprised of a block of softened cream cheese and crushed cookies, blended together until smooth. Get the full recipe for these Chocolate Cookie Delight S’mores here!

16. Fill ice cream cones with tasty s’mores toppings.

Five  S’mores Cones in shallow bowl, wood counter, american flag bacground

Make your s’mores essentially mess-free by crafting them inside of ice cream cones! Start by spreading a layer of chocolate hazelnut spread in each cone.

Then, fill them with your favorite s’mores ingredients. And be sure to get creative with your fillings to make them extra tasty and fun!

You can even make it a family affair and have everyone fill their own cone with things like: 

  • Marshmallows
  • Chopped peanuts
  • Chocolate chips
  • Shredded coconut
  • Chopped bananas
  • Strawberry halves
  • Chopped chocolate bars

Then, wrap each ice cream cone in aluminum foil and heat over the grill or campfire, or cook them in the oven for about seven minutes. And there you have it - S’mores Cones!

Which of these 16 s’mores recipes will you make this summer to celebrate National S’mores Day? Will you choose a grilled version? How about an easy cookie? No matter what you make, you and your family will not only get to enjoy a creative twist on a nostalgic snack, but you’ll also have some fun making (and eating) them together. Happy National S’mores Day, everyone!

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