3 Easy Ways to Celebrate Mom That Don't Break the Bank

April 16, 2018 | Food Lion
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Some of the most helpful advice on how to celebrate Mother's Day boils down to one phrase: "Make her feel special." Mom is, after all, second to none when it comes to her place in the hearts of her kids, both young and grown up. Celebrating Mom in style doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive, however. Because being a mother is a labor of love, what many moms appreciate most is some of that love in return. Here are a few ideas on how to make Mom feel like a queen this Mother's Day without breaking the bank.

Show your Appreciation

How many times has Mom come to the rescue when something just had to be done or when you simply needed a caring ear? Let her know you appreciate all those moments, especially the small ones. Pick up a Mother's Day card, and on the blank side, reminisce about a particularly special moment this past year when you appreciated her selfless sacrifices. Or, make a list of the things she's done for you. She may have forgotten them already, but finding out that you remember will melt her heart.

Carry the theme a step further by picking up some fresh flowers or some seedlings ready to plant in her garden for spring. Hide a few "thank you" notes amid the petals and leaves.

Unique Mother's Day Gifts

Figuring out what to get for Mother's Day is sometimes about treating Mom to a new outfit, a beautiful piece of jewelry, or a box — or case — of her favorite chocolates. But the ideal gift for your mom might also be something that's more intangible or that celebrates her unique traits and interests, such as:

·         Membership to a tea (or coffee, book, wine, plant, cheese — you get the idea) of the month club

·         A smile jar filled with inspirational quotes or expressions of gratitude to cheer her up when she needs a boost

·         A happy memories slideshow or video of fond family or personal moments she'll love to relive all over again every time she watches it

Just-for-Mom Mother's Day Activities

Mom often takes care of everyone else, so this Mother's Day can be all about her. Start off by making her breakfast in bed with fresh fruits and berries and nourishing favorites like eggs Benedict or blueberry pancakes. Cook dinner for her and make a family affair out of it by grilling salmon or chicken outside in the fresh air. Add a crunchy salad of greens and veggies, and top the meal off with her favorite wine or sparkling cider. Here are a few more activities to celebrate Mom on her day:

·         Visit a farmers' market or go strawberry picking

·         Bake something together, especially something new

·         Create a scavenger hunt for Mom to find five or so small gifts that you've hidden

With these easy ways to celebrate Mom, you're sure to create lasting Mother's Day memories.


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