3 Mother's Day Craft Ideas You Can Make in a Snap

April 16, 2018 | Food Lion
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Egg Carton Flower

You can make a simple craft for Mom or Grandma with a few items that are likely already in your house. When you're done with a dozen eggs, keep the carton and turn it into flowers for Mom. Make sure the carton is paper, not foam, and clear an area at home where the kids can use paint.

Cut the foam carton into three sections so four egg cradles are together in each. Trim the sides down so each grouping looks more like rounded flower petals. Let your kids paint the cartons. Give them some pastel colors that celebrate the season and help them express their creativity.

Next, glue a pompom in the middle of each flower and add a paper straw to the back. This recycled bouquet is all ready for a special lady.

Handprint Oven Mitt

Their little hands won't be little forever, so why not preserve your children's handprints in a memorable way? Stamp a handprint on an oven mitt for a thoughtful Mother's Day gift.

You can use an oven mitt you already have or grab a few new ones at your local store along with some fabric paint, if you don't have any already. Cover your kids' hands in paint and stamp each hand on an oven mitt. You may need to fill in the edges a bit to make sure the print is filled out. The kids can paint hearts in the middle of each handprint. Then, you can add a little twine and attach a cute poem. It's a great keepsake that results from these easy Mother's Day crafts for kids to help create.

Dandelion Art

Grab a permanent marker and some poster board for a quick Mother's Day craft for toddlers that's sure to bring a smile to Mom's face. Draw the outline of a dandelion with marker and then use your children's thumbprints to make wispy petals that look like they're flying off in the wind. Pick three colors to use for the petals, grouping some at the base and scattering others. Add a cute saying, such as "I Wished for You," to the bottom. You can use this as the front of a Mother's Day card or add a piece of ribbon to the top and hang it up.

These easy Mother's Day crafts are sure to delight Mom on her special day.


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