3 Simple Steps to a Happy July 4th

June 25, 2018 | Food Lion
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The July 4th holiday is the perfect day to spend time with your family and friends, enjoying warm weather and good food. Whether you're throwing an afternoon pool party or an evening affair before the fireworks show, you can give your loved ones a memorable party without stressing yourself out. According to HGTV's party planners, the secret is to keep it simple and have a plan like you see in these steps.

Stock Up

Start by putting together a menu that includes appetizers and snacks, a main course, dessert, and refreshments. Check your pantry and make a list of everything you need for the party decorations and food. This list might include items ranging from red, white, and blue napkins and plates to ground beef and ketchup.

Food Lion can help you quickly stock up on your party essentials. One-stop shopping saves you time so you can spend more time preparing for the fun of a July 4th celebration.

Set the Stage

If the weather cooperates, take the party outside so the kids can burn off energy before the evening fireworks and the adults have room to mingle. Put the grill in place and set up a serving table so guests can help themselves to the treats. Give guests a place to sit by arranging chairs in groups around the backyard and patio. For a simple centerpiece, wrap tin cans with craft paper and fill them with small American flags, blue and red lollipops, or flowers in these colors.

Prepare a Spread

Independence Day should be fun, so stick to a menu that's easy to pull together. Traditional foods like hamburgers and hotdogs please children and adults. Cook on the grill while you enjoy chatting with your guests. Set up a condiment station or toppings bar with a variety of slaws, fresh and pickled vegetables, and cheeses so everyone can make his or her own custom creations. Serve everything with cold salads.

For dessert, make patriotic-themed treats that double as decorations until you're ready to eat them. You can prepare a cheesecake topped with blueberries and strawberries arranged in the shape of the American flag. Or dip pretzel rods in white chocolate and cover them with red and blue sprinkles. Alternatively, you may want to keep the dessert simple and serve parfaits with layers of vanilla ice cream and berries, or offer watermelon slices cut in the shape of stars for the kids.


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