3 Ways Buying Local Can Help Support Your Community

May 26, 2020 | Food Lion
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Supporting our local communities has never felt more important. We all have pride in the states and towns we live in. They hold a special place in our hearts, so it’s only natural that we want to keep our communities strong and show our pride, especially during trying times or while we’re recovering together. 

Helping your loved ones and sharing positivity are a couple of ways to provide some support, but what’s another way? Buying local! In this blog, we’ll explore exactly how buying local can help support your community. 

We will also explain how to find local products at your neighborhood Food Lion, so you can take action and pick up your favorite local items on your next grocery shopping trip! 

Local Goodness - North Carolina - Logo

How to Find Local Products at Food Lion

Through our Local Goodness program, we make it easy to identify local items grown and made in the state you love. So, while you’re shopping, simply look for the Local Goodness seal in the store, like the one on the right, but specific to your state (if you’re not in North Carolina)! We offer a wide selection of local products from produce and meat to sauces, snacks and everything in between. So whether you’re in the produce department, walking down the aisles or in the meat department, be on the lookout for the Local Goodness seal to shop local and support your neighbors! 

Now let’s look at the three ways buying local can help support your community.

Aerial view of our local community

Strengthen Your Local Community

By buying local, you can help strengthen your local community in a couple of ways. The first way is economical. Buying products that were grown or made in your state (or maybe even in your town), supports those farms and businesses, thus strengthening the health of your local economy. 

The second way buying local helps strengthen your community is more emotional. Not only will you feel pride for your state, but if you encourage your friends and neighbors to shop local too, you can share that pride with others. In a sense, it’s a neighbor, helping a neighbor support their neighbors. Got it? So, when you buy your favorite local products at Food Lion, spread the word and help strengthen your local community. 

Baskets of Patterson Farms Srawberries

Help Your Neighbors

The local farmers and manufacturers in your state have the same love and passion for their communities as you do. They share that same state pride and want to see it flourish. They’re your neighbors and like we mentioned above, by buying local, you’re lending them a helping hand and supporting the state you both love. It’s a true win-win. You get to enjoy and share your favorite local products and flavors with your family and help your neighbor, whether they’re right down the road or within the same state lines. 

Fresh Local produce being loaded into a truck

Support the Environment

Now you know that buying local can help strengthen your community and help your neighbors, but did you know it can also support the environment? That’s right! Since local products are made closer to home (or even right down the road), that means the distance between the farm or business to the shelves is closer too! And less travel time is simply better for the environment. 

And speaking of the environment, curious to learn about Food Lion’s sustainable efforts on top of offering local products? Check out our Sustainability page

With the three ways buying local can help support your community in mind, you’re probably ready to pick up some of your favorite local products, right? Learn what we offer in your state by viewing our list of local brands via our Local Goodness page. Or see what’s in store by clicking on your state in this list: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Maryland or Delaware.

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