5 Easy Treats to Make For Your Kid's School Halloween Party

October 12, 2018 | Food Lion
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Enjoy your child's Halloween party without expending a lot of energy in the kitchen, and without relying heavily on your wallet. Even better, these are treats you can recreate with your kids any time of year, not just at Halloween.

Bowl of worms

It's not really worms – it's spaghetti in your favorite colors!

  • Choose your favorite brand of regular or thin spaghetti and cook the entire box.
  • While the pasta is cooking, prepare food coloring to dye the noodles.
  • Add one tablespoon of water to a baggie and about 20 drops of food coloring. (Follow the dye drop instructions on the food coloring box to make colors like orange, pink, and purple.) You will need a separate baggie for each color of noodles you want to make.
  • After draining the pasta, grab equal scoops and place one scoop in each baggie.
  • Seal the bag and squeeze the pasta and food coloring together until the noodles are tinted.
  • Allow to sit for several minutes.
  • Open each baggie and rinse under cold water in the colander to remove excess dye.
  • Put every color of spaghetti in a bowl and mix together for a colorful bowl of worms!

Mummy dogs

Take two of kids' fave foods – hot dogs and bread – and turn them into a fantastic combo.

  • Choose any refrigerated crescent roll dough to use as “bandages."
  • Tear the dough at the perforations to make large rectangles, sealing any other perforations within the rectangles.
  • Slice the rectangles into 10 thin strips lengthwise.
  • Wrap each hot dog with three or four bandages. The design can be as haphazard or orderly as you like. This is one stage where the kids can bandage with abandon – you really can't get it wrong.
  • Make sure there is a gap toward the top where the hot dog can show through for a mummy face.
  • Bake for about 15 minutes on a baking sheet according to the dough instructions until the bread is golden brown and the dogs are hot.
  • Add mustard eyes, candy eyes, or peppercorn eyes for a spooky dressing.

Puffy pumpkins

Kids love a good cheese puff.

  • Collect small, clear party favor bags and draw appropriate Jack o' lantern faces with a Sharpie.
  • Fill each bag with your favorite brand of round cheese puffs.
  • Tie with a green twist tab or green ribbon.
  • Yummy, creative, adorable snack!

Banana boo

Fruit as a Halloween snack? Of course!

  • Peel some perfect bananas and cut them in half.
  • Use mini chocolate chips to make two ghost eyes.
  • Use regular-size chocolate chips for a ghostly mouth.
  • Chocolate and banana is a can't-miss combo!

Witch hats

Witches have never been so sweet.

  • Original Oreos form the base of the witch hat.
  • Pipe a fat dollop of frosting in the middle of the top of the Oreo – use orange, green, or an equally festive color.
  • Press a Hershey's Kiss on the frosting
  • Dash on sprinkles before the frosting dries.
  • Take a bite of deliciousness.
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