5 Ways to Share Positivity with Your Neighbors & Lend a Helping Hand

March 31, 2020 | Food Lion
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Being a good neighbor and supporting your community is important to you. We feel the exact same way at Food Lion. And whether you’re wanting to help an elderly neighbor, pitch in with local feeding efforts or simply share some positive vibes in your neighborhood, this blog will give you a little inspiration that can help. 

With the following five ideas, you can successfully share positivity with your neighbors and lend a helping hand.

1. Pick Up Groceries For Your Neighbors

Next time you’re headed to your local Food Lion, text or call elderly neighbors or those feeling under the weather who aren’t able to make it to the store and see if they need any supplies. Then, add the items they need to your shopping list. Or, if you’re placing an online to-go order, add their list of supplies onto your order, pick-up at your convenience and drop off on their doorstep (ringing the bell first, of course). 

Want it to be a surprise gift for your neighbor instead? Our next idea is the perfect solution, so keep reading! 

2. Put Together Care Packages To Leave On Neighbors' Doorsteps

Another way to share positivity with your neighbors is to leave a gift basket or care package on their front porch. So, grab a large basket or an empty box and start making your list of what you want to include. Here are some items we suggest:

When you’re picking up these items at your local Food Lion, you may want to also check out the Bakery & Deli department. Here you’ll find some other great additions for your care package - fresh-made sandwiches, bread, store-made tortilla chips, decorated cakes and more. 

3. Write 'Thank You' Notes To Workers In The Community

From policemen, firemen and medical staff to grocery and retail workers, there are so many people who are working hard to keep our communities safe and healthy. So, for this idea for sharing positivity, try writing “thank you” notes to those hardworking people who impact your family’s life and the local community. You can even get your kids involved to help! 

Don’t have “thank you” cards at home? You can either make your own or pick some up during your next visit to your local Food Lion.

4. Head Outside & Get Creative In Sharing Some Positivity

Pair together a beloved kid-friendly outdoor activity and sharing positivity in your neighborhood - with sidewalk chalk. Now, grab your container of chalk and tell your kids to head outside for a little family fun. Work together to write positive messages on your driveway or the sidewalk in front of your house to share some happy thoughts with your neighbors that walk past, and probably make them smile too! 

Need some inspiration for the perfect message? Here are some ideas:

  • Spread joy in the world
  • We are all in this together
  • Stay strong, stay well
  • Keep calm, we got this
  • Make the most of every day

5. Support Your Local Community's Feeding Efforts

One of the best ways to lend a helping hand for your neighbors is to support your local community’s feeding efforts. There are many different organizations out there that support this cause, including Feeding America, No Kid Hungry, Food Lion Feeds and your local food pantries. And although volunteering may not always be an option, food donations to your local pantry is an easy way to pitch in and help your neighbors when they need it most, especially during these trying times. 

Want to help, but not sure where your nearest food pantry is? We have a handy online search tool that’ll give you a list of pantries in your area. Give it a try! Then, check with the pantry to see what kind of supplies they currently need and start pulling together a donation from items you have on-hand (or pick-up supplies from your local Food Lion).

You now have five ways to share positivity and lend a helping hand in your community. There are many other ways to be a good neighbor, so pick which ideas work for you and your neighborhood and think of your own ideas too. The important thing is that we stick together as a community, especially during times of need. After all, we’re in this together! 

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