7 Ideas for Creative Delicious Decor

November 16, 2018 | Food Lion
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7 Ideas for Creative, Delicious Décor

Looking for a distinctive Thanksgiving or fall season centerpiece for your table or as a hostess gift? Create a do-it-yourself edible arrangement. It saves on waste and space, and it’s an unforgettable serving option that will wow your guests.

1. Pumpkin Bouquet

If you want more use from a perfectly round pumpkin, cut off the top and turn it into a vase. Use skewers to put in anything you want like shaped fruit, chocolate-covered fruit, and more. For autumn colors, use yellow pineapple, red strawberries and grapes, and orange cantaloupe or orange slices.

2. Pumpkin Kabob

Creating a turkey’s tail fan out of a pumpkin is a classic DIY centerpiece. Craft an elegant one with dozens of colorful skewers of fruit or vegetables that guests can pluck off for appetizers.

3. Turkey Bowl

Dip large pretzel rods in chocolate, then roll in yellow and orange autumn-inspired sprinkles. Display them standing up in glass bowls. Fill the bowls with brown M&Ms or chocolate-covered raisins. Stick little googly eyes and a felt beak and tongue on the outside of the bowl to transform it into a turkey face.

4. Sugar-coated Fruit

For a magical, sparkly centerpiece, brush fruit and a few small pumpkins and gourds or pinecones with an edible sugar concoction and place it all in a cornucopia, tray or basket or arrange glimmering fruit along an equally sparkly table runner. Place candles nearby the fruit for that extra glow. The sugar recipe is easy:

1.    Beat some egg whites in a bowl — you can use sticky meringue powder if you prefer.

2.    Use a pastry brush to brush the beaten egg or powder on the fruit or item you’re sugaring.

3.    Sprinkle white sugar all over the piece of fruit or item for the look you want.

5. Bread Cornucopia

Buy or bake bread that you hollow out to create a bread cornucopia. Fill it with apples, pears, and grapes for a classic centerpiece. You can also fill it with all types of biscuits, muffins, and diced hard cheese pieces for the main course.

6. Cake Pop Blooms

Find harvest-inspired vases and stick in bouquets of cake pops in pumpkin spice and autumn colors for some fun on your Thanksgiving dessert table.

7. Autumn Candy Cake

Head to the craft store and get foam forms for a three-tier cake and lots of hot glue sticks. Attach fun-size candy bars all over to cover up the foam. Present it on the table for dessert for everyone who feels they didn’t have enough Halloween candy.

You’ve got Thanksgiving covered. For an edible Christmas tree centerpiece, buy a cone-shaped piece of foam, or stick a large carrot into the top of an apple for the shape. Use small fruits on toothpicks and a piece of fruit shaped like a star for the tree topper. Visit Food Lion for more DIY edible décor ideas for the holiday.

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