7 Fun Takes on S'mores

August 12, 2019 | Food Lion
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It wouldn't be summer without indulging in everyone's favorite campfire treat—S'mores. The classic version (a gooey roasted marshmallow over a chocolate bar and sandwiched between two graham crackers) is always a crowd pleaser. But S'mores can also be the perfect platform to get creative, bringing a new flavor profile to the beloved dessert. It's a great thing to do while camping, in a home fire pit or, in some cases, even on the grill.

Here are seven ways to mix-up your S'mores.

1. Swap out the graham crackers for cookies

Chocolate chip cookies, opened Oreos or even oatmeal raisin cookies can make a fun substitution for graham crackers in S'mores. Just make sure the cookie is hard enough to hold up against the melted chocolate and gooey marshmallows, otherwise you'll have a big mess on your hands! If you want to get really wild, use rice crispy treats or firmer brownies as your vehicle.

2. Stuff it in a banana

Bananas make the perfect vehicle for S'mores. Open part of the banana peel to expose the banana but leave it in the peel. Slice the exposed part of the banana and stuff it with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips or chocolate pieces. If you want to change it up you can add in peanut butter or caramel chips as well. Wrap the banana in foil and throw it on the campfire for a few minutes for a delicious treat (that is also gluten-free, depending on your ingredients). Once the banana is cooked and the chocolate is melted, you can crumble up graham crackers to put on top.

3. Spread it

Take out the chocolate bar (just trust us for a minute) and replace it with your favorite spread. We are talking Nutella, peanut butter or even Speculoos (aka cookie butter). The marshmallow will warm the spread just enough for it to take on a similar texture to melted chocolate. You can even make your favorite flavor combinations this way like peanut butter and jelly, or add cream cheese and jelly for S'mores that taste like a strawberry cheesecake.

4. Season or add another ingredient

Just like you would with any other dish, seasoning your S'mores can help them take on a new flavor profile. For a spicy version, sprinkle a touch of cinnamon and chile powder to make a Mexican chocolate S'mores, or add a sprig of fresh mint and you can have a fresh grasshopper S'mores. Throw in a few coconut flakes for a tropical take or add a few pecans to make it more like German chocolate cake. You can even add kids' favorite sprinkles. They don't add much extra flavor but they add a fun pop of color as the marshmallow melts.

5. Take it inside

There is no written rule that says the chocolate needs to go under the marshmallow, so why not stuff the chocolate inside the marshmallow. You can use a Hershey square or stuff in something like a Rolo or Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Just make sure it's small enough to not overtake the marshmallow, but rather add a fun surprise in the middle.

6. Add fruit

Adding a slice of fruit can sweeten the deal and give another layer of flavor to your S'mores. Some good picks are strawberries, bananas or grilled pineapple—but the options are limitless. If you add all three and a little chocolate sauce you can make a banana split S'mores. If you don't have any fresh fruit on hand, dried fruit like cherries could work as well.

7. Try out a different candy bar

Snickers, Milky Way and Kit Kat will add some flair to your S'mores. You can even put out choices for your guests or family and everyone can choose their favorite. If it's a thicker candy bar, make slices so it's easier to make a sandwich. Anything that's too thick may slide right out.

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