8 Spook-tacular Halloween Drinks for Kids & the Whole Family

October 14, 2021 | Food Lion
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The spookiest of seasons is here! Now that everyone has settled into their back-to-school routines, Halloween festivities are a fun and welcome break. If you and your family are ready for some spine-tingling fun, there are lots of ways to get in the spirit of things before the big night of trick-or-treating.

Why not watch some classic scary movies (don’t forget the Monster Munch Caramel Corn), carve a few pumpkins, read ghost stories around the fire pit or spend an evening transforming the yard with haunted decorations? Whichever festivities you choose, make it a celebration with spooky drinks for everyone to enjoy!

We’ve got 8 Halloween drinks for kids (of all ages) — they’re perfectly creepy and creative — to add a lively touch to your family’s fall holiday traditions!

Fruity Halloween Drinks

Sweet and crowd-pleasing, these fruity punches are a snap to put together. A classic punch bowl makes for an excellent presentation, but if not, a pitcher or decorative bowl works great, too!

3 glasses of Swamp potion punch, wood table

Swamp Potion Punch

This smoothie-inspired ghoulish drink is all about making a splash with decorated glass rims. Achieve the “swamp ooze” look by dipping glasses into softened green cake frosting and then dipping them in Halloween-themed sprinkles. The punch itself combines strawberry kiwi and nectarine peach flavors with fresh bananas. Bonus: The creaminess comes from coconut milk, making the recipe dairy-free!

Find the full recipe for this Halloween drink for kids on our recipe portal.

Autumn Harvest Punch, mason jar glasses, pitcher, cutting board , fresh fruit, napkin, white wood table

Autumn Harvest Punch

Late October isn’t just about candy! The autumn harvest means that apples and pears are in season, and this cinnamon-infused punch celebrates those fall flavors. Apple cider, lemonade and orange juice are sweetened with a touch of honey; rosemary sprigs and cinnamon sticks lend a touch of spiced warmth.

Serve with a splash of sparkling water and some slices of fresh apples and pears in mason jars for a charming effect. This recipe can be made ahead of time, as a longer infusion helps to develop the flavors further.

Frosty Halloween Drinks

Temperatures may be dropping outside, but frozen, ice cream-based drinks are still the life of the party!

Vanilla milkshakes with jack-o-lantern faces on the outside, halloween themed decorations in the background

Boo-nilla Milkshakes

Break out your blender to whip up a batch of these adorable treats! Give vanilla milkshakes a spooky treatment by serving them in glassware rimmed with crushed-up chocolate sandwich cookies and decorated with Halloween clings and straws. Homemade whipped cream and a sprinkling of chocolate cookie dust provide the finishing touches for these Boo-Nilla Milkshakes. Your little ones are sure to love these frosty and festive Halloween drinks for kids!

3 Orange sodas in plastic cups with jack-o-lantern faces on the outside, candy corn on table, gray placemat on wooden table

Orange Soda Jack O’ Lantern Floats

Nothing says Halloween quite like a smiling jack-o-lantern! While you’re carving your own, try these cheerful ice cream floats, which combine orange soda and vanilla ice cream for a winning creamsicle-inspired flavor. Don’t forget jack-o-lantern beverage clings for decorating the serving cups!

Alternatively, use a permanent marker to draw cute (or spooky) jack-o-lantern faces onto the cups. You can even make it a family activity. Just be sure to supervise your little ones as they draw with permanent marker. You may even want to put some paper towels down on the table before beginning your activity to ensure there aren’t any messes left behind.

Bubbly Halloween Drinks

It’s (almost) a fact: Fizzy drinks are more fun! These seasonal sips sparkle and bubble to give an extra-special feeling to your family gathering.

3 cups of Candy Corn Punch with orange striped straws, candy corn on plate

Candy Corn Punch

Three ingredients and a steady hand are all you need to make these impressive layered drinks. After filling each glass with ice, you first pour in orange soda. Next, carefully add yellow sports drink. And finally, top your Candy Corn Punch off with lemonade sports water (slightly white in color). The finished effect mimics the stripes of candy corn!

You can even make this Halloween drink for kids in a pitcher to have on display with your other treats and snacks. Just know that when the drinks are poured, the liquids will combine. So, be sure to take a photo beforehand to capture the moment.

Two glasses of vampire punch on Halloween napkins with a pitcher behind.

Vampire Punch

For a playfully frightful drink that conjures Count Dracula and the other vampire stories we love, try this “bloody good” punch! It combines sparkling non-alcoholic apple cider and cranberry ginger ale, plus cranberry and lime juice, for a sweet and tart flavor. The kicker is that each glass is drizzled with strawberry syrup for an eerie look.  

Sound like the perfect Halloween drink for kids to make this year? View the full recipe here!

Cozy Halloween Drinks

Even though October days are often sunny and pleasant, nightfall can bring a chill to the air. Warm-up with cozy fall drinks — and maybe your favorite sweater or flannel shirt, too!

Warm Apple Carrot Drink in white cups on cutting board with fall colored leaves

Warm Carrot Apple Drink

With a vibrant orange color and rich spiced flavors, this Warm Carrot Apple Drink is basically autumn in a cup! We absolutely love the sweet, earthy blend of apple and carrot juice, plus the slight kick from fresh ginger. And we’re pretty sure you and your family will love it too! 

Here’s a tip to keep in mind while you make it - to ensure a smooth drink, be sure to strain the fresh juice through a fine-mesh sieve (or strainer) before serving.

Cup of white hot chocolate topped with whipped cream on plate with spoon, fresh stick of cinnamon and small pumpkin in background, wood table

Pumpkin Spice White Hot Chocolate

Looking for the ultimate fall vibes? Look no further than this white hot chocolate recipe! After all, pumpkin spice is the way to go during the autumn months, right? This flavor combination has become a cultural food phenomenon for a good reason, as it really captures the essence of the season. Try it in a hot chocolate made with mellow, creamy white chocolate that lets the iconic spice profile shine. Top with a fluffy layer of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice for a final tasty touch.

Ready for your best Halloween ever? Stop by your neighborhood Food Lion to find everything you and your family need to have a blast during this super-fun and (sometimes) spooky holiday. From candy to ingredients for spooky Halloween drinks for kids, we’ve got you covered! And don’t miss our weekly flyer for the best deals on seasonal and everyday treats.

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