8 Convenient Snacks for a Mom on-the-go

September 19, 2017 | Food Lion
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School is back in session, which means days are spent running the kids to tutoring, after school practice and everything in between. Suffice it to say: Us moms spend a good portion of our day in the car dropping off our kiddos at one place and then another. And that all-too-often translates to spending time in drive thru lines grabbing anything quick to eat.

While those options might be okay every once in awhile, making a habit out of unhealthy snacking and drive thru meals can take its toll on your body. In order to keep you running in high gear, we wanted to share with you a few easy snacks you can make for those on-the-go moments. These snack ideas are designed to throw in the diaper bag, place in the cup holder or toss in your purse.

1. Coffee M&M Trail Mix: Love the taste of coffee? Sprinkle some coffee flavored M&M's, pretzels, Cheerio's and SkinnyPop in a bowl, mix together and place it in an easy to-go container such as a mason jar, snack bag or empty container.

2. Celery Sticks and Peanut Butter: Using a mason jar, fill the bottom with peanut butter and place celery sticks on top, seal with the lid and you've got a healthy snack for the road!

3. Frozen Yogurt Covered Blueberries: Wash and dry blueberries, cover in yogurt (yes, you can even use Go-gurt!). Then, lay covered blueberries on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper and freeze for about one hour. Toss in a bag and you're ready to go.

4. Ham & Cheese Sticks: This snack is easy and you likely have all you need in your refrigerator right now. Simply cut a cheese stick in half and roll in a piece of ham. This protein-packed snack is perfect for the road and will quell those hunger pangs!

5. Hard-Boiled Eggs: Most people will skip this option, but eggs are a great source of protein and they're easy to transport. Simply hard boil eggs, slice in half and place in a Ziploc bag or other travel container. This filling snack is a mom favorite.

6. Berries & Yogurt: Fill a mason jar halfway with your favorite berries. Then, add in a layer of yogurt and top with more berries until the jar is full. Seal this one up and bring a spoon along for a healthy breakfast snack on the go.

7. Salted Caramel & Dark Chocolate Almonds: This is definitely a treat, but it's a guilt-free healthy one. Using a double broiler, melt 1/2 cup of dark chocolate and 1/4 cup of caramel sauce. Once melted, turn off the heat and mix in the almonds, making sure to cover them completely. Then, lay the chocolate-covered almonds on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper, sprinkle with course salt and chill for at least one hour. These will be your go-to treat, so easy to make and amazingly delicious!

8. Easy-to-Make Energy Bites: Energy bites are so easy to make and save for the entire week. In fact, making ahead of time is the best way to shave some extra minutes off the morning. These No Bake Peanut Butter Energy Bites are a quick way to feeling great!

The secret to making healthy snacks and/or meals on the go is meal prep. It's important to set aside a day and gear up for the week. This will shave hours off your busy week and take the stress off as well. Most of these snacks can be stored well in the refrigerator for the entire family.

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