8 Amazing Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas to Pamper Mom

May 01, 2020 | Food Lion
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Mothers make the world go 'round. Day in and day out, they are selfless, acting as the schedule-keeper, the playtime comrade, the fixer of toys; the list goes on. And while we'd all agree they deserve it more often, Mother's Day is the perfect day to pamper Mom and let her know how much you appreciate everything she does for you.

While thoughtful gestures and presents are happily accepted, it's the little things that count. Here are some Mother’s Day celebration ideas to make the holiday extra special this year. After all, things have been turned a little upside down lately. (And moms, feel free to leave this page open as a little hint for your family.)

Mother's Day Pancake Board

1) Make her a tasty pancake breakfast

For our first Mother’s Day celebration idea, let Mom wake up to the delicious smell of a pancake breakfast ready to eat together as a family. And if you want to make it a little extra special, craft a pancake board with pancakes (frozen, using a mix or homemade), syrup, fresh fruit (like berries and bananas), chocolate chips, bacon and an assortment of spreads (like peanut butter, jam, cream cheese and chocolate hazelnut spread). 

Parents - this is a great gift to get the little ones involved with! Once everything is cooked, let them help arrange all of the breakfast items on the pancake board. Mom will love this thoughtful touch and the kids will have fun putting it together.

2) Whip up an at-home relaxation day

While enjoying time at home together, make Mother’s Day a day of relaxation for Mom. For starters, try a banana mask. It adds essential vitamins and nutrients to the skin, soothes minor irritations and feels oh-so-refreshing. Mash a ripe banana (little kids will love to help!), then blend in 1 tablespoon honey and a squeeze of lemon juice. Have her apply the banana mask to her face and relax for 15 minutes. After a cold water rinse, her skin will feel fresh and moisturized. 

Another simple, but nourishing, home beauty treatment: Rub coconut oil into her hair and let it rest for 30 minutes while you treat her to a back massage. She should shampoo and rinse hair as usual for luxurious, soft locks.

family on a picnic

3) Take her on a picnic

What's more joyful than a beautiful meal outdoors in your own backyard? A meal that mom doesn't have to prepare, that's what. Treat her to an old-fashioned fried chicken feast or sandwiches, complete with fresh fruit, potato salad and coleslaw. (The Food Lion prepared food department makes it easy-peasy.) 

Tip: Make the meal extra special with a pretty picnic blanket or an extra-large towel, an ice bucket for the drinks and a few fresh-cut flowers.

4) Do the dishes 

It’s true - this Mother’s Day celebration idea may feel like doing daily chores, but Mom will really appreciate if she doesn’t have to worry about doing any dishes all day long. It's one thing to whip up an awesome breakfast in bed or fab brunch for mom — it's another to leave a mess in the kitchen to clean up afterward. So, give pots and pans a good soak with dish soap, but make sure to tackle them before bedtime.

Family looking thru photo album

5) Look through old photos

While this isn't a traditional “gift," an evening spent going through baby photos of the kids, your wedding album and pictures of her college memories will make Mom feel warm, nostalgic and very loved indeed. Chances are, she's been saying she's going to sort out the old photos for ages. Spend time on the shots she loves, reminiscing about all the wonderful moments she's had as a mom. Pick out a few favorites to frame later. (And then follow up on it.)

6) Let her play her music for a change 

When was the last time Mom had control of the music playing in the house? Let her program the tunes for 24 hours. Or create a playlist with songs from bands you know she loves and let it play on repeat throughout the day. And for a little family fun after dinner, dim down the lights, crank up some of the upbeat tunes and have a family dance party.

No Bake Lemon Tarts


7) Spend time together making sweet treats 

One of the best gifts you can give Mom is quality time with her family. So, for this Mother’s Day celebration idea, get the mixing bowl out and the ingredients for her favorite dessert. Or, if you need a recommendation, our no-bake lemon tart recipe is simple to make, so it’s easy for the kids to lend a helping hand, too! You’ll have a great time baking together as a family, and perhaps an even better time eating your sweet creations. 

8) Pick up a bottle of wine

If your mom is a wine-lover, this is a great go-to gift idea. You'll be a Mother's Day superstar if you pick up a bottle of her favorite vino next time you're at Food Lion. Then, present it alongside whatever other Mother's Day gift or activity you have planned. Trust us - she’ll absolutely love it! 

This year, we hope these 8 Mother’s Day celebration ideas come in handy and help make the woman you love so much feel special and appreciated. Need to pick up a little something else to give to Mom? From flowers and candies to gift cards and more, your local Food Lion has a convenient selection of gift options you can pick up on your next grocery shopping trip. 

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