Cheer-worthy Game Day Snacks Made With 10 Ingredients or Less

September 08, 2020 | Food Lion
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There’s nothing quite like the excited feeling you get before the beginning of a sports game. But, as you and your family get ready to cheer on your favorite team from the comfort of home this season, you may be looking for some new ideas for fun and flavorful dishes to enjoy together. After all, Game Day food is all about bite-sized snacks, dips and other appetizers to make one delicious meal. 

Classic chips and salsa, pretzels, veggie platters and buffalo wings are all delicious, but why not make something a little out of the box? From queso with surprise ingredients, festive pizza bites, a new way to enjoy a cheese ball and more, the five Game Day snacks in this blog will take your meal to the next level and make it a real touchdown with the whole family. Plus, they’re all made with 10 ingredients or less!

Now, let’s get started.

Game Day Snack #1: Cowboy Queso

Cowboy Queso, cast-iron skillet, torilla chips

Your family’s favorite melted cheese dip with a few tasty additions - corn, black beans and tomatoes with chiles! This quick and easy appetizer is cheesy and zesty with a little kick. Garnish with fresh chopped cilantro for a pop of fresh flavor and serve with our store-made tortilla chips for the perfect dip to enjoy while watching the game. 

And if you want to get a little creative, sprinkle the cilantro in the shape of a football or even the laces for a festive look that’ll really get this dip Game Day-ready. Check out the full recipe and directions here

Game Day Snack #2: Football Pizza Pockets

Football Pizza Pockets

Our second Game Day snack is a different way to enjoy pizza and a spin on a popular frozen food - pizza pockets (football-style). This five-ingredient recipe is both easy and affordable to make. You only need pie crust, mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce, pepperoni, Italian seasoning and egg wash. Although, you can add any of your favorite pizza toppings too. So, if you love peppers and onions on your pizza, make sure to chop some up and add them to your pizza pockets. 

To make these Football Pizza Pockets, you’ll start by cutting the pie crust into football shapes. Then, it’s time for assembly, brushing on the egg wash and baking. For all of the step-by-step directions, visit our recipe portal

Game Day Snack #3: Buffalo Ranch Crockpot Drumsticks

Buffalo Ranch Crockpot Drumsticks, dipping saucer, plate, garnish

Simple buffalo wings are the perfect Game Day snack, but how about trying a slightly different flavor? These Buffalo Ranch Crockpot Drumsticks not only use spicy buffalo sauce, but also tangy ranch seasoning. And since they’re slow-cooked in the crockpot, these chicken drumsticks will be very tender and juicy. Yum! 

Serve with fresh chopped cilantro and a side of ranch dressing for dipping. You can also choose a blue cheese dressing if that’s your family’s preference. Or why not try both and enjoy a little variety? The choice is yours!

Game Day Snack #4: Fried Pickles

Fried Pickles

A Southern staple and popular restaurant appetizer, our recipe for Fried Pickles brings this dish to your kitchen. And don’t worry - you won’t need a fryer to make them. All you need is a saucepan and canola oil to successfully cook your pickles until they’re nice and crispy. They should only take about 3 minutes to cook (plus 10 minutes of prep time). That means you can have this Game Day snack on the table in less than 15 minutes. 

Ranch dressing pairs well with this snack, but if you want something a little on the zesty side, a chipotle ranch is a delicious choice. You could even add some chili powder and cayenne pepper to the pickle breading to give this dish even more of a kick if you have spice-lovers in your family. 

Game Day Snack #5: Mini Bacon Ranch Cheese Balls

Mini Bacon Ranch Cheese Balls, plate, garnish, wood table

The last Game Day snack on our list is a new way to enjoy the traditional cheese ball appetizer. Made with a flavorful combination of cream cheese, shredded cheddar cheese, crumbled bacon, toasted & chopped pecans, ranch seasoning and chopped chives, you then place a pretzel stick through each one. That way, they are both grabbable and easily snackable. 

Want to try a vegetarian version? Skip the bacon and use finely chopped bell pepper and red onion. These fresh veggies will still give you that added crunch in the cheeseballs, but in a vegetarian-friendly way.

And here’s another tip for these Mini Bacon Ranch Cheese Balls! You may want to leave the bag of pretzel sticks out or pour some into a bowl so you and your family can grab extra pretzels for dipping. 

Get Ready for Game Day 

With these five Game Day snacks, you’re ready to enjoy some tasty food while cheering on your favorite team from the comfort of home. But, you’ll have to prepare, of course. So, before kickoff, make sure you’ve paid a visit to your local Food Lion where you can find everything you need to make these dishes (and lots more) all at affordable prices that will make you want to cheer even more. And if our Everyday Low Prices and HotSales weren’t cheer-worthy enough, you can save more on your Game Day essentials when you shop our private brands like Nature’s Promise, Taste of Inspirations, Food Lion and so on. Check out our full list of brands to learn more!

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