DIY Vampire Bat Can Craft

October 25, 2017 | Food Lion
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Halloween is one of our favorite holidays for crafts! You can have a blast making so many fun, festive and spooky decorations. Here, we are turning an ordinary aluminium can into a flying bat. 

Step 1 

Before you start painting, tape over the lip and top of the can to avoid geting paint on those parts. Paint the can with black acrylic or spray paint. Keep in mind, spray paint will be fastier but can be messier. If you choose to use spray paint, you'll want to spray the can outside. 

Step 2 

Draw bat wings onto black construction paper and carefully cut them out. Feel free to get creative here and cut out different shaped bat wings, have fun with it! 

Step 3 

Tape the bat wings to the can. Make sure you are taping them on the side opposite of the mouth (if you intend on drinking from the can).

Step 4 (optional)

For extra fun and refreshment, you can draw or tape on some eyes and fangs to make this bat look extra spooky! Add a decorative straw and serve at your Halloween-themed party.


Step 5

After you empty and wash your bat, tape fishing line to the back of the can (between the wings) and hang around your home for a festive Halloween!

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