Don't Go Empty-Handed! Unique Housewarming Gifts for Holiday Parties

December 18, 2017 | Food Lion
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You may not like to throw holiday parties, but if you enjoy attending, you should stock up on housewarming gifts. A bottle of wine, a candle, or a box of chocolates is always nice, but these creative ideas will have you remembered as a clever guest who took the time to gift thoughtfully.

For the new homeowner

When your host has just moved into a new home, a welcome mat with a sweet saying or cute image is a lovely gesture. Since it's holiday time, an ornament or other holiday decoration is appropriate.

For the culinarian

You may not be a foodie, but you can still gift your favorite amateur chef with something they'll appreciate for their kitchen: a spice kit, an olive oil dispenser and bottle of fine olive oil, or even a self-watering herb planter.

For the free spirit

For the party host who may be tough to pin down because of their eclectic tastes, indulge yourself by gifting them with something unexpected: taco holders, a warming ice cream scoop, or even a board game.

For the baker

Bakers always love more goodies to add to their pastry arsenal, from cookie cutters to a kitchen timer, oven mitts to dish towels, a collection of sprinkles to a bouquet of spatulas. Even better, gifts like these can be easily found at your grocery store. Wrap them festively for a memorable presentation.

For the sports aficionado

Whether golf or football, hockey or basketball, sports folks love a good bit of memorabilia. If vintage baseball cards or a signed game ball are in short supply, go with a cutting board shaped like a ball field or course, a collection of golf tees, or a bobble-head of their favorite sports star.

For the musician

Your favorite guitarist would probably appreciate a new set of picks, a tuner, or even a CD of their favorite artist. Or give them an opportunity to show their music love throughout their house with guitar-necked serving utensils or coasters shaped like small records.

For the organized one

Bento boxes simplify and categorize lunches. People who appreciate organization but are willing to throw a party and embrace chaos anyway will appreciate your nod to their deeper spirit.

For the lover of adult beverages

The fine scotch drinker can always use an ice cube or two. Silicone ice cube trays with lids accompanied by stirrers or a duo of highball glasses will show how well you know your host's tastes.

For the fun-loving homeowner

Your host doesn't have to be an excellent chef to appreciate a good kitchen gadget. There are so many novelty utensils available that you can find something that suits the party-giver perfectly. From nesting doll measuring cups to toucan chopsticks, monster ladles to dinosaur pasta servers, these seemingly impractical but completely useful gifts will put a smile on your host's face.

For the tea drinker

Teabag or spoon rests in the shape of leaves, water splashes, or teapots make a fun gift that your host will be happy to display. If you know their tastes are conservative, stick with a basic mug, tea infuser, and tea leaves set.

For the gardener

You could take a plant or a bouquet of flowers, but what the avid gardener might really love is a small basket of useful goodies like gardening gloves, a kneeling pad, and, depending on the time of year, bulbs or seeds to plant.

For the wine lover

Sometimes a bottle of wine is indeed the best housewarming gift, especially if you're headed to an oenophile's home. Ramp up this liquid offering with a classic corkscrew, wine charms, or a coaster set.

For the bookworm

You know the home you are going to is stuffed full of books. What better way to show your “support" than with a set of bookends. Seek out a one-of-a-kind abstract set, or find a pair that represents your host's interests.

For the kid at heart

If the party host has never lost their love of trains or blocks, indulge them with a small toy (and maybe a bottle of wine too, so they know you didn't just steal that Lego kit from your kid's playroom). Or opt for a “sophisticated" play gift with a miniature Magic Eight Ball or mini Matchbox car. Who says all housewarming gifts must be grown-up?

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