Fun Kids Table Ideas

November 13, 2018 | Food Lion
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Fun Kids Table Ideas

Remember how much fun you had at the kid's table at Thanksgiving? Make your house the one with the most fun table with these easy ideas that keep kids entertained before the turkey hits the plate. Try these easy tips.

Giving Thanks

It is always good to give a reminder about the day. Place twigs in a vase on the kid's table. Cut leaves from colored construction paper and hole punch one end. Tie a ribbon through the hole. Give the kids the leaves and ask them to write things they are thankful for on the leaves. They can then hang the leaves on the 'tree' and create their own special centerpiece.

Themed Snacks

Create “cornucopia’s” with waffle cones. Fill with a variety of small snacks like dried cranberries, marshmallows, peanuts (barring any allergies), yogurt raisins, and small shaped crackers. Kids will love eating these but would also be happy to offer little hands to help in the creation.

Setting the Table

When deciding on the table set up, consider building in activities to keep the kids occupied. Use craft paper as the tablecloth so the kids can color and create at the table. Add small trinkets at their places that they can play with and share such as small containers of orange playdough, card games, and beads and silly sunglasses.

When choosing tableware, make it fun. Use plastic or paper in colors that represent the holiday. Add paper cups cheerfully decorated with stickers and each kid's table guest's name. Wrap silverware with a bow of ribbons and add place cards made from pinecones.

Easy Table-Friendly Activities

Print out word searches and tic tac toe forms. Coloring pages are always popular. Spread the pages over the table and always have extras. Put crayons and washable markers in paper cups on the table. Of course show them how to make a turkey by tracing their hands!

With a few simple additions, your table for the kids will be both fun and functional. It doesn't take too much to make them feel special and add to the joy of the day.


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