How to Make Your Home Inviting to Guests (Without Spending Money)

October 08, 2019 | Food Lion
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How to Make Your Home Inviting to Guests (Without Spending Money)

As the holidays draw near, your home fills with guests and the joy and cheer that accompanies celebrating with those you cherish. With hosting, comes additional expenses. You can easily make your home feel inviting and welcome your guests in a special way without breaking the bank.

  1. Light Candles: The warm glow of candles just changes the atmosphere of a room. Light a candle or two to set the mood and make your home feel warm and welcoming. Consider lighting a candle in the powder room and bathrooms if it is safe (think no small kids).
  2. Touch Up the Kitchen: Although you've probably been cooking, a quick clean up of the kitchen is a must. Most guests wander into the kitchen seeking conversation or make a taste test! Keep disposable wipes nearby to quickly wipe down kitchen counters to keep things ready for company.
  3. Add Featured Photos: Sharing your family is part of the tradition of the holidays. Swap out photos of your family to showcase new memories and spark conversation. Add photos that include those joining you when possible.
  4. Create a Welcoming Space: When hosting, take a few extra steps to provide comfort and make your guests feel at home. Fluff pillows and add throws in case a guest is chilly. Make all the beds and clear mail and any clutter from visible spaces. Dab heating vents with vanilla to create a sweet but not overpowering scent.
  5. Make Use of That Holiday Playlist: Stream holiday tunes or other music your guests might enjoy. Make sure the volume doesn't interfere with socializing.
  6. Greet Them With a Special Welcome: When your guest arrive be ready to make them feel special. Employ a helper to take coats and hang up or place in a room with easy access. Offer to take their bags and store away. Have drinks handy and quickly get them set up with their drink of choice and fill them in on the timing of dinner. Steer them towards the snacks and offer to make them a plate with a bit of this and that to nosh on.
  7. Give Out the Wifi Password: After dinner everyone may need a quiet moment to themselves. When your guests arrive, let them know the wifi password and post it in a space easily accessed like a chalkboard or text it to your guests before they arrive.

Making your home feel warm and welcoming sets the tone for the day and really lets your guests know how special they are to you and how thankful you are to host them.

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