All Packed & Ready for the School Year: Thoughtful College Care Package Ideas

August 06, 2020 | Food Lion
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The beginning of another school year is upon us. And your college student is getting excited to see close friends, learn and make new memories. But, this year may look a little different, especially when it comes to the semester schedule. Since many universities have made some adjustments, you may be looking for ways to stay in touch and let your little grown-up know that you’re thinking of them. 

Phone calls and video chats are always a nice option for catching up, but nothing says “I care” more than a thoughtful care package. And this year, maybe more than ever, these helpful gifts will be appreciated and something your student can look forward to. 

So, as you start thinking about what to include in their first college care package, take a look at the six ideas below. 

1) Pack Some College Meal Staples

Mom shopping for college meal staples

Easy meal items that your student can make quickly in between classes are the perfect addition to a college care package. For breakfast, think instant oatmeal, dried fruit and granola bars. Then, for lunch and dinner items, soup, peanut butter for sandwiches and macaroni and cheese are great choices! Pick up these items and more at your local Food Lion

You could even include a copy of your favorite quick & easy recipe to give your child some cooking tips. For instance, how about adding some hot dogs or ground beef and veggies to your macaroni and cheese for a complete meal?  

2) Snacks, Snacks & More Snacks

Want to put a smile on your son or daughter’s face? Packing some of their favorite snacks is a great way to do just that! Whether they love sweet treats or savory snacks with a crunch (or maybe even both), include as many as will fit in the box and give them the nourishment they need and crave to get through exam preparations, group projects and so on. 

But, keep in mind the season. If it’s still pretty hot outside, steer clear of items coated in chocolate until the fall so nothing melts in transit. 

3) Write a Heartfelt Note

Dad writing note to student, mom holds care package

Pick up a greeting card on your next grocery shopping trip at Food Lion and include a heartfelt note written inside to let your college student know how proud you are. It will truly mean a lot and is something he or she can hold onto as a keepsake from their college years. 

Make sure the whole family signs the card and writes their own message. After all, there’s nothing quite like hearing from the people you love most, right?

4) Supplies to Spruce Up Their Room

Help your little grown-up keep their room at school spick and span. Even though they aren’t at home, they still may need a little encouragement to keep their room clean. Here are some items you could include in the college care package:

  • Scented candles
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Duster
  • Scented wall plug-in & refills
  • Sponge
  • Dish liquid

These are just a handful of supplies that you can pack for your college student. Find these and more at your neighborhood Food Lion! 

5) Include a Photo From Home

Happy student, dorm room, opening car package, holdling photo from home

Another thoughtful thing to add to the care package is a picture from home. You could even choose more than one - one picture with family and one with friends. To really put a smile on your child’s face, make sure that the pictures are from some of their favorite memories like a family vacation, a sports team win, high school graduation, etc. 

Either send them in frames (wrapped in newspaper or bubble wrap to keep them safe) or put them in the envelope with the greeting card you picked up from our store.

6) Pick Up Some Gift Cards

For our last college care package idea, give your student some extra spending money where they need it most. Gift cards are a great way to do that! Not sure what kind of gift cards to get? Here are some ideas, including gift cards for: 

  • Gas stations
  • Music downloads
  • Office/school supplies
  • Groceries from Food Lion
  • College bookstore

After you drop-off your student for the start of a new semester, we hope these college care package ideas come in handy to help you put together the perfect gift to send in the mail. Not to mention, using many items you can conveniently pick up at your nearest Food Lion. We know your child will be so excited when they receive the package that you’ve stuffed with these thoughtful little presents that remind them of home and the loving family that are all so proud of their accomplishments. 

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