Celebrate Spring with These March Party Planning Ideas

March 08, 2018 | Food Lion
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 If you've been cooped up all winter long, then the warmer temperatures and longer days offer the perfect opportunity from emerging from hibernation. Get your friends and family together to celebrate sunny days, blooming flowers, and everything else that spring has to offer with these March party-planning ideas.


 Basketball Tournaments

 The Super Bowl is over and football season is done. That means that it's time for NCAA basketball. A total of 68 college basketball teams go head to head in hopes of bringing home the national championship. Kick off March Madness by hosting a viewing party for friends and family. Print out brackets and have everyone make their predictions to amp up the competition. Host small watch parties when your favorite teams are playing. The real excitement takes place when teams reach the Final Four and Top Two. If your bracket hasn't busted yet, you get ultimate bragging rights. Snacks, drinks, and games make these parties fun for adults and kids alike.


 National Pi Day

 Pi Day isn't just a holiday for math lovers. Food lovers can celebrate this special day, too. It's the perfect opportunity to throw a party dedicated to all types of pie. Whether you're a fan of fruit pies, like apple and cherry, or pizza pie, this holiday is for you. It's also a fun way to get kids excited about math. What better way to teach about fractions, circles, and other math concepts than by serving up a piece of pie?


 St. Patrick's Day

 More than 33 million Americans claim Irish ancestry, according to "Time." When St. Patrick's Day comes around on March 17, everyone celebrates Irish heritage, whether they can trace their roots back to the Emerald Isle or not. Celebrating St. Paddy's Day is simple: It's all about the green. Decorate tables with green tablecloths, plates, utensils, and cups. Serve up green foods, like guacamole and cucumbers, or make some of your favorite dishes festive by adding a bit of green food dye. It's a holiday all about having fun and honoring the luck of the Irish.


 First Day of Spring

 March is one of the best months for hosting a party because the temperatures start to warm up, the sun spends more time in the sky, and you can finally shake off those winter blues. Remove the covers from your patio furniture and break out the grill for your first cookout or outdoor picnic of the year. Enjoy the atmosphere with friends and family as the flowers and trees begin to bloom again, and everything comes back to life.


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