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5 Practical Tips for Reducing Food Waste & Saving Money

We toss out perfectly good food that isn't aesthetically pleasing, stock our refrigerators with the best intentions but order in because we're too busy to cook, and err on the side of caution when it comes to using food that's past its prime. Here are five practical tips for reducing food waste and saving money.


Easy Ways to Save Money in the New Year

You make the same resolution every year. This year, you'll save money and stick to a budget. But somehow, it doesn't stick. It can be hard to devise a plan that helps you to save — and that you can stick to and see through. So, what are the easy ways to save money? Try these helpful tips. Feel free to mix and match the ones that are right for you.


How-to Turn 3 Easy Dinners into Delicious Double Duty Meals

You make a big batch of a meal one night, and then transform leftovers into something else another night. For you, this means easier cooking. For your family, it means never feeling like you're eating the same thing night after night.


getting started with couponing

You can find room in your schedule if you view couponing as a smart investment that you tend to every week. Once you're in the right frame of mind, you'll be ready to learn how to start couponing and put in the work to see results.


Spend Less, Eat Better: How-to Use a Slow Cooker to Your Advantage

From easy meals that you set and forget to stretching your budget by using inexpensive ingredients to create delicious meals, your slow cooker is a go-to for healthy eating on a budget.


Use Your Income Tax Return to Save Money Buying Bulk Groceries

This year, make your tax refund count in the kitchen by taking a chunk of it to stretch out your grocery budget. Save big on everyday items and kitchen necessities that can easily get you through the year.


What it Means to Eat Healthy and Save Money

There's a huge myth that healthy equals expensive. Here are six tips to help you eat right and stay on budget.