Common Thanksgiving Desserts Googled

November 21, 2017 | Food Lion
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Common Thanksgiving Desserts Googled in Each State

Thanksgiving is here, and from Daytona Beach to Seattle, there’s just one thing on everyone’s mind: food. Turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes are all good, but fall is harvest season, and that means your favorite desserts are already in the oven. Whether it’s pie, cake or bread, you and your neighbors are gearing up for the best Thanksgiving desserts to date.

Of course, “best” is subjective, and you might be surprised by the most popular Thanksgiving desserts people from each state voted on. Let’s take a look.

The Cheesecake Belt

This one was a surprise, as cheesecake is not usually associated with Thanksgiving. Still, this delicious and creamy dessert has captured the hearts of most Southern states, ranging from Texas to Tennessee. It is also popular in neighbors Illinois and Indiana, as well as Nevada.

Cheesecake, for all its decadence, is still pretty simple to make and doesn’t require expensive or obscure ingredients. Just remember to refrigerate it before digging in: It can lose its consistency if it isn't allowed to cool properly.

East Coast Apple Pie

Apple pie is possibly the most iconic fall dessert — rivaled only by its pumpkin counterpart — and is hugely popular in the Northeast. There is a possible pattern here: Apple pie is a delicious traditional dessert, and much of the Eastern seaboard represents the 13 original colonies. Apple pie has kept this reputation to this day — along with hot dogs and baseball — as something fundamentally American.

Of course, that only accounts for some of its popularity. Apple pie is also a delicious Thanksgiving recipe, ranging from crisp and tart to gooey, sugary filling. That’s the beauty of it: Everyone has a slightly different method for making apple pie, and the result is always tasty. 

Pumpkin Pie Domination

Of all the common Thanksgiving desserts, pumpkin pie has always been No. 1. The polls show this, with pumpkin pie represented all across America, from California to Maine. It’s strange to think a gourd used in very few other recipes could become such a staple of the Thanksgiving table, but once you taste a good homemade pie, all your doubts will vanish.

Like cheesecake, pumpkin pie is better served cold so it can keep its consistency. If possible, make your filling from authentic pumpkin. That said, canned pumpkin filling can be just as good, and cuts down on the work involved. Some variations can use a graham cracker crust, but if you are feeling old-fashioned, make yours using the standard flour and water.

Banana Bread Holdouts

Like cheesecake, banana bread is not usually associated with Thanksgiving. Often seen as a sort of tasty catch-all, banana bread shows up at family gatherings and casual get-togethers. Still, two states — North Dakota and Nebraska — have more searches for this sweet bread than any other, making it their favorite Thanksgiving recipe. It would be interesting to see where banana bread fits in on their favorite desserts for other holidays. Once you have a taste for the bread, it’s hard to go back.

Other variations of this recipe include zucchini or pumpkin, but those are different beasts entirely. Banana bread has that perfect blend of sweet and fluffy, baked with or without walnuts and chocolate chips, per your preference.

Honorable Mentions

As a final note, carrot cake was also a popular search item, but did not manage to carry any of the states. Other Thanksgiving recipes are always an option, but these four are the most-searched — and, therefore, most common — Turkey Day desserts.

This Thanksgiving, consider baking one of these other desserts — using the recipes listed on the graphic — in addition to your holiday standbys. You can also snag a favorite recipe from a friend in a different state. 

Recipe Infographic
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