DIY Mason Jar Wall Planter

April 23, 2018 | Food Lion
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By now, everyone is familiar with the fact that adding fresh, healthy plants into your living space can reduce carbon dioxide levels. Yay for clean air! However, it can also do wonders for your state of mind. You may find yourself feeling less stressed if you have some greenery in your home. If you're running low on space though that could be an issue. It's not like you can just hang your plants on your walls…wait, yes you can!

These Mason Jar Wall Planters are perfect for it and they have a few different uses. You can use this planter strictly as a decorative piece or you can hang it by your kitchen so you always have fresh herbs on hand for your recipes!  The best part about this project is that you can customize this to your liking. 3 jars on one board, 2 jars on one board, 2 jars on two boards, one hanging below the other…tons of possibilities to choose from.


1. Find your piece of wood. It can be new or old and pretty much any size. You will want to make sure it's at least thick enough to support the nails that will be screwed into it. You also want a nail that is about the same size of the screw you will be using in the clamps. Hammer the nail into one of the slits in the clamp. This will force the slit in the clamp open so you can screw it to wood board.

2. Screw the clamps to the board.

3. Screw the board to the wall. When the jars are added they will hide the screws used to attach it to the wall.

4. Add rocks to the bottom of the jar. Add a little potting soil and then the plant. Add more potting soil around the plant.

5. While holding the jar in place, tighten the clamp.


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