Easy Father's Day Gifts for Dads Who Love to Eat

June 05, 2018 | Food Lion
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This Father's Day, give the dads in your life something to savor with food-focused gifts that bring the whole family together. These ideas for Father's Day are perfect choices when you want to do something creative for a foodie dad who loves cooking and eating as much as he loves his role as a parent.

Homemade Father's Day Brunch Buffet

Mother's Day has the brunch market cornered, but, according to the American Egg Board, brunch is the hot new food trend, making this meal perfect for Father's Day, too. If Dad isn't much of a pancakes and eggs guy, you can get your brunch ideas from his favorite dinner dishes. For example, if Dad likes spaghetti and meatballs, you can serve a meatball Benedict, which is a standard eggs Benedict with a flattened meatball instead of the ham. The kids can then present their gifts for Dad after everyone has assembled their plates.

Grilled Father's Day Dinner

Many Father's Day gift ideas focus on grilling, a favorite cooking pastime of many dads. If the dad you're planning to celebrate enjoys outdoor cooking, consider getting him some new grilling supplies, like a cast-iron grate for his kettle grill or a smoker box for a gas grill. Then, help him put his new gifts to use by preparing the ingredients for a grilled feast: marinated steak, pre-seasoned and shaped burgers, veggie kabobs, and anything else that he might like to cook. Get the kids to help with both food prep and cleanup so Dad can enjoy the fun parts of cooking out without doing much work on his special day.

Round-the-World Dinner for Dad

It'd be great if we could reward every hardworking dad with his dream vacation, but if that's not in the cards for your family this year, you can take a culinary journey from home instead. Think about where he wants to travel and what kind of foods he likes to eat. If he's dreaming of a Mexican beach vacation, serve up street-style tacos in small corn tortillas with plenty of lime-spiked beer. If he has a special passion for Thai food, cook up a coconut-milk-based curry or use rice noodles and bottled sauce to make pad Thai at home. Use colorful party decorations like streamers and tablecloths to make your dining room look even more festive so he feels temporarily transported to a different place.

Special Recipe Demonstrations for the Kid

This Father's Day idea is best for kids who are interested in cooking and are competent in the kitchen. Most foodie dads have at least one special recipe that's their signature. Whether it's pancakes, popcorn, the world's best grilled cheese, or an incredible omelet, gather all the ingredients he'll need so he can demo his dish for the kids. This is a great bonding activity, and it'll also help preserve family traditions so your kids can some day pass down this recipe to their children.


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