Easy Holiday Gifts for Teachers

December 03, 2018 | Food Lion
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Easy Yet Thoughtful Gifts for Teachers

It's a thoughtful idea to thank your children's teachers for their hard work, and a holiday gift helps you do just that. Although teachers really appreciate being recognized during the holidays, they also have many students and classes. They may not have room on their trees for another ornament, so think about something that says "thank you" but also is useful — like these gift ideas.

Something Sweet

Everyone loves something sweet during the holidays. Because you may not know about allergies or food sensitivities a teacher has, one smart gift is a package of cookie mix with a list of ingredients. Create a cookie basket and add decorative sugars, icing mix, and cookie cutters. Make a holiday cocoa package with hot chocolate mix, different types of marshmallows, and colorful sprinkles. Create your own DIY teacher gifts with items you can find at Food Lion. Add in colorful spatulas and decorate with ribbon to personalize.

It's the Small Things

Teachers are often on the go and very busy. Make packages with things that bring comfort to the day, such as mints, pocket-sized tissues, lotions, and lip balm. Single-serve coffees and teas are welcome treats along with flavored powdered creamers and fancy chocolate stir sticks. You can even add in single-serve flavor packets for bottled water and snack-sized treats like almonds and pretzels.

DIY Teacher Gifts

If your child wants to make something for the teacher, why not get the entire class involved? Painting a wooden tray with fingerprints made into characters is a heartfelt way to make a gift that represents a snapshot in time. Decide on your theme, like a winter blue background with snowmen made from little thumbprints, a fall tree with leaves from each little finger, or a tree with gorgeous colorful ornaments as unique as each fingerprint. These are all festive ideas and make for easy Christmas gifts for school teachers.

The Gift of Time

Give a teacher the gift of time with a movie-themed night. Package up popcorn, candies, colorful bottled sodas, and a Christmas fave on DVD. Or, select gourmet pastas and sauces to give them a wonderful dinner at home. Place these items in a colander with a colorful dish towel and a holiday ribbon. If you know the teacher's favorite snacks, build a basket with snacks and treats for them to store in their desk to enjoy on their breaks.

The Gift of Help

Teachers spend so much time preparing for classes outside of actual learning time. Consider offering coupons to help clean up the room at the end of the year or offer to cut out construction paper shapes for the next lesson.

Whatever you choose, the thought will be appreciated. Take an idea and personalize it based on what you know about the teacher.


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