Easy Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Child's Teachers

April 16, 2018 | Food Lion
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Give a Puntastic Teacher a Gift with a Giggle

Impress a teacher with some savvy grammar and a gift he or she can enjoy right away.

As suggested by PTO Today, these easy teacher appreciation gift ideas give your child's teacher a little chuckle while showing your gratitude. Use a ribbon to attach a notecard with your message to the gift. Have your child write the message or sign his or her name for a personal touch. Fun ideas include:

A travel mug with a small bag of gourmet or instant coffee: "Thanks a latte for being an amazing teacher."

Soothing herbal tea in an oversized teacup: "There's no doubt you're a tea-rrific teacher."

A s'mores kit of chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers: "The world needs s'more teachers like you."

A box of yummy doughnuts: "You're such a great teacher that we doughnut know what we'd do without you."

A handheld fan with a refreshing spritzer: "We're your greatest fans. Thank you for all you do."

Easy Gifts in a Jar for Teachers

Use mason or other transparent jars to create gifts for teacher appreciation week that revolve around a theme. Fill the jar with something yummy, useful, or just plain nice. Then add a note to the top of the lid or tied around the neck of the jar.

A bouquet of flowers and alphabet letters: As explained by Cindy Hopper in her blog, Skip to My Lou, fit a plastic cup inside the jar. Then, fill in the space between the cup and walls of the jar with colorful magnetic letters. Fill the cup with water and place some springtime flowers inside.

Star teacher: Fill a jar with Starburst candies, chocolate stars, or other star-shaped candies. Add "You're a star teacher" as your message.

Teachers are nurturers: Plant a flower or seedling in a jar and have your child write "Thanks for helping me grow."

A sweet apple: Whip up some caramel dip, or save time and buy some ready-made. Fill a jar with the dip, put an apple on top of the lid, and wrap it all up with cellophane and a ribbon. This is a delicious twist on an apple for the teacher.

Chill pills: Create a label for your jar that mocks a prescription. Fill the jar with candies, and instruct the teacher to "take a chill pill" any time stress or frustration comes knocking.

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