Graduation: A Day Worth Celebrating

April 26, 2018 | Food Lion
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Your child made it. After years of hard work, this wonderful person is going to graduate and make the transition into adulthood. You want to plan an unforgettable graduation party — one that's as unique as your child. Use these helpful graduation party planning tips to set your celebration apart.

Get in the Game

Here's an interactive option for your grad party ideas. Rather than sign a conventional guestbook, ask your guests to sign Jenga blocks. They can put their names on one side and a memory of the graduate on the other.

Dazzle with Decor

You might want to display photos of your child. Why not make yours a little different by putting them in unexpected places? Have 18x12-inch pages printed with a photo collage. Laminate them and use them as place mats.

Snack Smart

Some of your guests might visit several graduation parties in one day and may not be hungry by the time they reach your place. Set up a popcorn bar for those who just want to snack. Fill a large beverage bucket with popcorn and surround it with a collection of seasonings and topping options.

Create a mess-free float station. Fill a cooler with ice and soft drinks. Add mason jars more than half full of vanilla ice cream. Guests can easily make their own floats by pouring soft drinks over the ice cream. Once they're done, there's nothing but empty mason jars to clean up.

Say "Cheese"

Set up a simple photo booth. Cover a piece of plywood or medium-density fiberboard with chalkboard contact paper. Make sure the plywood is securely attached to a wall so it doesn't tip over. Set up a few chairs in front of the chalkboard and provide a box of chalk so people can write messages. Pre-plan who your photographer is going to be and have him or her snap a few candid photos. Once the photos have been taken, ask the guests to provide their email addresses. After the party, email copies of the photos to guests and save some for your graduate.

Go Global

Use an old thrift suitcase as a card box. If your graduate is a Dr. Seuss fan, attach a sign that says, "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" If you want to take the Dr. Seuss theme one step further, hang up a map of the world and place red push-pins in the places your graduate has been. Have the graduate put green push-pins in the places he or she plans to visit. Finally, fill treat bags with globe-shaped candy for guests to take home.

It's possible to keep the cost of your graduation party down, notes U.S. News and World Report. Use digital invitations rather than printed ones. Host your gathering at home, or team up with another family whose child is also graduating. With these graduation party ideas, your child will have a blast and see just how proud you are.


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