Grilling Tips for Bratwurst and Other Sausage

August 07, 2018 | Food Lion
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It's National Bratwurst Day this August 16, according to Huffington Post. Fire up the backyard grill and enjoy a tasty bratwurst or other grilled sausage in honor of the holiday. Before you don that apron and get to cooking, it's important to have the right approach and techniques to be at your best behind the grill. So how do you grill sausages to perfection? Here are several grilling tips for delicious bratwurst, kielbasa, and other sausages.

1. Prepping Your Sausages

Marinating your bratwurst and kielbasa beforehand can add extra flavor to the meat. Place your links in a large pan the day before your cookout. Pour in enough beer to cover the sausages, and then add several cloves of garlic, sliced onion, sliced green pepper, a 1/2 cup of olive oil, and a handful of chopped parsley. You can also substitute a bottle of red wine for the beer. Place the pan in the fridge and let everything marinate for 24 hours.

2. Using Your Tools

Good grilling requires the right set of tools, including a metal spatula, tongs, and a two-pronged grilling fork. A proper set also comes with a wire brush, which you can use to thoroughly clean your grill surface to remove charred bits before you start grilling. When it comes to cooking raw sausages, turn the meat with your tongs. Poking the links with your fork breaks the casings and releases all those tasty juices.

3. Cooking to Start

To make sure your bratwurst and sausages are cooked through, start by lightly poaching them in a pan on low to medium heat — without boiling. You can simply transfer the sausage marinade from the fridge to the stovetop, cooking the sausage in beer for added flavor. You can even grill up the peppers and onions from the marinade to use as a garnish on your bratwurst buns.

4. Grilling Them Up

Transfer your sausages to the grill, cooking them slowly on low heat. This keeps the juices from boiling and bursting through the casings, which can lead to burning on the outside and undercooking in the middle, along with a loss of juiciness. Grill your bratwurst and other links until they reach an internal temperature of 160º F. Use an instant-read thermometer to check.