How to: Make a Toaster Pastry Gingerbread House

October 04, 2019 | Food Lion
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Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but these Pop-Tart Gingerbread Houses are so delightful! We're in the midst of the most wonderful time of the year and you may be finding yourselves stuck in the house due to the cold weather. This fun-for-any-age, festive craft is a great way to get every family member in a fun and festive mood. 


What you'll need:

·         1 flat baking sheet or heavy cardboard

·         Aluminum foil (optional)

·         2 16oz cans of white frosting

·         Food coloring for tinting frosting

·         8 Frosted or Unfrosted Food Lion Toaster Pastries –any flavor

·         Decorations, cereal, gumdrops, candy, pretzels, etc, 


Cover flat baking sheet or heavy cardboard with aluminum foil and then spread about 3/4 can of white frosting about 1/4" thick in the middle of the foil to create a winter landscape.

Use second can of frosting along with the pastry bag to construct the house. Using the pastry bag, apply frosting to the edges of 4 toaster pastries, and press them together to make the walls of your house.

Cut 2 toaster pastries into support walls, and attach them to the inside of the house before putting on the roof.

Use 2 Frosted toaster pastries for the roof of the house.

Frost the joints and upper part of the house for a decorative look. Use remaining 1/4 can of white frosting along with a pastry bag to draw windows and doors. Add food coloring (optional) to tint the frosting to decorate your house.

Decorate your house with colorful cereal, gumdrops, candy and/or pretzels.

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